S7 E04 Can't Fight Biology

10/14/10 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith has a hostile uterus. It’s what caused her miscarriage. Derek tries to cheer her up by reminding her that there’s a treatment. But Meredith is hung up on the label that’s been attached to her…you know. She says, “How would you feel if she called your penis angry or snide?” Good point.

Meredith treats a woman who has as fatal genetic condition. The case has her thinking about her own mortality. She asks Cristina to take some blood so she can get tested for the Alzheimer’s gene. It’s time she knew one way or the other. Derek and Meredith know that whatever happens be it hostile uteruses…. Alzheimer’s… or maybe even a new baby; they’ll get through it together.

Alex, Arizona and Callie treat a 15-year-old dancer with cancer. They may need to cut off his leg to save his life. Alex figures out a way to save the limb. They’ll take out the bone, zap it with radiation and then put it back in so he can dance another day. As they do the surgery, Arizona admits to Callie that she doesn’t like Mark. Apparently, he stares at her boobs. Callie doesn’t think it’s a big deal because, well, “they’re good boobs.” Arizona still thinks the guy doesn’t have a soul.

Alex says Sloan saved his life even when he was sleeping with his girl. That’s not something your typical soulless surgeon would do. Alex also admits that he stares at her boobs, too. This is enough to convince Arizona to take Mark on a friend-date to get to know him better. Eyes up here, McSteamy. Eyes up here.

Cristina and Owen are looking for a place to live. The abandoned fire house they check out has lots of space and firemen’s pole that would be fun at parties. At work, Cristina treats biologist Ivan Fink, who has been breeding worms in his belly for nearly a year in order to develop a cure for asthma. Now they’re obstructing his bowel. Surgery will contaminate his research unless Cristina can save the worms. She can’t.

Fink is crushed but plans to go back to the drawing board. Cristina asks him why he would himself through such an ordeal ever again. It’s because he loves his work. The patient says, “You don’t find something you love that much and let it go. You hold onto it. Throw yourself in deeper.” These words seem to hit home with Cristina. We can only hope they’re enough to get her back to doing the thing she loves most. For now, she’ll just cough up a down payment to buy a firehouse.

Jackson uses his good looks and charm to his full advantage by batting some puppy dog eyes at Teddy so she’ll let him scrub in on surgeries. Too bad Teddy’s hip to his game. The many mistakes Jackson makes are not enough to get him fired, but flirting his way into surgeries simply isn’t going to fly with Dr. Teddy Altman.

A woman rams her car into a Laundromat. Several people are injured including the driver’s husband. But this was no accident. The woman got angry when she saw her husband doing his new girlfriend’s wash. The next thing she knew her car was plowing into the Laundromat. She confesses everything to Lexie and April believing they share doctor-patient confidentiality. But that only applies to medicine. Oops.

Lexie gives April a hard time all day until she finally realizes the person she’s really mad at is Meredith. She says, “You worry about April, you let her have Izzie’s room, you talk to her about your doctor’s appointments and I went crazy.” It sounds like she’s feeling ignored and, perhaps, a little crazy. Meredith informs Lexie that she sat by her side for 36 hours while she slept in the psych ward. Meredith says, “You’re not crazy, Lexie. You’re a Grey.” Well said.

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