S7 E07 That's Me Trying

11/04/10 | TV-14 | CC

Owen is putting the million bucks the Chief gave him to good use with his trauma certification lab. The exercise takes place outside as our favorite docs are split up into teams to work on dozens of injured mannequins. Most of the teams fail and Jackson ends up quitting. Only Alex and April remain in the rain. We did mention it’s been pouring for most of the exercise, didn’t we? No? Well, it is Seattle. We just assumed you guess the weather would be a bit on the damp side. Or in this case…torrential!

Blame it on the rain if you’d like, but the fictional helicopter Owen promised never comes. Bear in mind, it couldn’t because this whole exercise is based on imaginary scenarios. But fiction meets reality when April loads her two surviving mannequins into a nearby ambulance. Alex helps even as Owen is screaming that the ambulance isn’t in play. Well, it is now! April jumps behind the wheel and drives her patients up to the ER. Looks like April and Alex just got certified!

Lungs have become available for Roy, Cristina’s transplant candidate. But Roy starts crashing shortly after his estranged daughter shows up. Cristina’s a deer in headlights as she completely freezes. Roy stabilizes but his heart is failing. In addition to new lungs, Roy may now also need a new ticker.

Lexie’s patient, Christy, is getting a gluteal implant. In short, she wants a bigger butt. Actually, she wants a really big butt. Lexie thinks Christy may be having the procedure to impress someone. But in truth, Christy just wants a backside that will allow her jeans to stay up. She doesn’t expect Lexie to understand. Christy can see that, even through the lab coat, it’s obvious Lexie has a nice derriere. Just ask Mark.

Dr. Jennifer Stanley is doing the autopsy on Bailey’s patient, Mary, who died from unknown causes. Bailey’s a little bothered by Dr. Stanley’s insensitive approach to the case. She commiserates with Derek, who is feeling a little down after researching cases for his clinical trial to cure Alzheimer’s. At the end of the day, Mary’s autopsy is inconclusive and Derek realizes there’s no way Meredith can be part of his clinical trial because he would only be focusing on her, not the research.

Callie and Arizona are packing for their three-year stint in Africa. Callie is bummed when the Chief mentions he had big plans for her. What plans?! Callie gets even more upset when only three people show up to their going away party. Hey, it’s a busy day at the hospital. At least there were cupcakes! Teddy was supposed to get them initially but she had to pick up lungs instead. It happens.

Callie loves Arizona but needs to find a way to love Africa, too. That’s not going to happen and Arizona knows it. Callie thinks that maybe Arizona doesn’t want to go to Africa now. She actually does want to go. She just doesn’t want to go with Callie. It’s an anguished-filled moment as Arizona walks toward her plane leaving Callie alone in the terminal.

Meredith wants Cristina to talk to Roy’s daughter. She can’t do it. Cristina says, “I was scared when he coded. I am scared now that he’s stable. I’m scared walking across the lobby. I am scared all the time.” She can’t understand how Meredith is fine and she’s ruined. She seems to blame her for all that happened the day of the shooting. Cristina thinks could have walked away from it all if it had been anyone but Meredith who need her help.

Teddy finally arrives with Roy’s new lungs. The procedure goes well. Teddy congratulates Cristina for all that she did. The Chief also gives kudos. Cristina then asks if he has a minute to chat. We find out a little later what they talked about when Cristina tells Owen that she just quit. Cristina seems to be truly at peace with her decision. But is it the right one?

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