S7 E12 Start Me Up

01/13/11 | TV-14 | CC

The med students are coming! The med students are coming! Yes, a bunch of wide-eyed first-years are shadowing some of our favorite docs. Adding to the excitement of the day (or lack of excitement, depending on who you ask), the Chief announces that the race for a new Chief Resident is on!

Meredith’s student, Keira, is impressed by her boss’s choice of handsome neurosurgeon husbands. Cristina’s guy, Fred, is way too chatty for her tastes. April gets stuck with bald, baby-faced Hudson. Alex is happy to be saddled with total babe Laurel, while Jackson must teach the less-attractive Edward.

The Chief, Bailey, Cristina and her student (call him Fred the Med) treat Henry, the handsome cancer patient who recently married a caring doctor for insurance purposes. Of course, Teddy hasn’t told many folks about her new hubby. That’s why the Chief is beyond surprised when Henry points out his new wife to his team of doctors. Think they’re wondering why they weren’t invited to the wedding?

The Chief lectures Teddy on inappropriate relationships. Her rebuttal argument is that Seattle Grace has always been full of them. She has a point. Even as the Chief and Teddy chat, handsome nurse Eli can be seen flirting with Bailey in the background. Of course, Bailey wouldn’t say she has a “relationship” with Eli. They’re just having a little fun. And smooching at the nurse’s station is always tons of fun.

Henry’s tumor is eating into his kidney, so it’ll have to come out. Fred the Med accidently leaks this info to the patient. Told ya he was chatty. Henry wants a second opinion from Teddy. The Chief is beside himself because he must check with the Mrs. even though this isn’t her area of expertise. Teddy signs off and Fred the Med faints during Henry’s operation. Unfortunately, that’s not the only complication in the OR.

There’s a cyst on Henry’s pancreas. Removal will turn him into a diabetic. With the patient out of commission, it’s up to Teddy, his wife, to make the call. She’s completely unprepared for this, but goes with the Chief’s recommendation. When Henry wakes up, he assures Teddy that he didn’t list her as his emergency contact because of their fake marriage. He did it because he considers her a friend. It’s a very sweet moment.

Here’s the story of a man named Brady. No, really, a guy named Brady was trampled by a team of horses after his partner, Kyle, tried to surprise him with a Scottish-themed carriage ride on their wedding day. As it turns out, horses get spooked by bagpipes. Surprise!

Brady crashes during his surgery. The OR is filled with residents and interns, but only med student Edward (call him Ed the Med) seems to know why this is happening. Jackson tells Ed to scram, but Owen actually listens to the kid. He’s able to stabilize the patient, who forgives his distraught partner during his recovery. Callie witnesses their heartfelt exchange. We’re just wondering if she’s thinking about her situation with Arizona.

Speaking of Arizona, she buys out the folks subletting Callie’s place. Yeah, that’s not gonna fly with the landlord. Callie orders her to get her crap out of her apartment. As far as work is concerned, Arizona treats, Sara, a young girl who has a condition that caused her to be born without cheekbones. The plan is to use skull fragments to build new cheekbones.

Mark wants to try an experimental bone graft procedure on Sara. It would require less recovery time so this tomboy-in-waiting can finally play sports like volleyball. Arizona puts an unflinching kibosh on that idea which leads to a discussion on how she can possibly get Callie back. At the end of the chat, she does an about-face regarding her decision on the bone graft. That’s good news for Sara. Volleyball tryouts are in two months!

The docs are shocked to learn that the Chief asked the med students to evaluate them. Only Alex gets a positive review from Laurel, who ends up spending the night with him. Call it extra credit. In other news, Meredith still can’t seem to get pregnant and Arizona is still desperate to win back Callie. She admits that she bails when things get too hard. Arizona promises it won’t happen if she gets a second chance. Callie wonders if she’ll feel the same way considering her big news. See, she’s pregnant with Mark Sloan’s baby. CUE THE ELEVATOR DOORS TO CLOSE!

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