S7 E14 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

02/10/11 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith loves working on her hubby’s clinical trial to cure Alzheimer’s. So it’s a bit of shock when the Chief asks her to head up another clinical trial to cure diabetes based on research found in her mother’s journals. The decision as to which groundbreaking endeavor to choose is put on hold when Meredith and Lexie learn their dad has come into the hospital with abdominal pains and a 20-something tattooed girlfriend.

Bailey doesn’t believe Thatcher’s condition is a result of liver rejection. His new lady love, Dani, realizes the pains occur whenever he drinks lots of liquids. This info helps the docs determine that he has a treatable kidney stone. But it doesn’t look like anything will cure Lexie’s growing loathing of Dani. She wants her sis to join her in the hate-fest, but Mer can’t go there. She tells Lexie to grow up and just let their dad be happy.

Jackson is pumped to be part of Mark’s service, but it comes at a price. Mark’s desperate for info on Lexie, so he wants Jackson to be his spy. he suggests using chocolate as a means to an end. A short time later, Lexie’s popping peanut butter cups and spilling her guts.

Lexie’s not really angry at her dad’s new girl. She mad because Mark’s having a baby and she’s getting left behind. Lexie thanks Jackson for listening. Jackson then lies to Mark by saying that the peanut butter cups didn’t work. Surprisingly, he’s allowed to scrub in for a surgery anyway.

Alex’s insensitive remarks about a brain dead infant get him kicked off a heart transplant case by the new hospital OB, Dr. Lucy Fields. We know, we know. It’s hard to believe Dr. Alex Karev would say something offensive, right? Anyway, Alex is forced to watch the transplant from the observation room where Dr. Fields lets him know why his remarks regarding her patient were so darn low.

There’s a complication during the baby heart transplant surgery. Teddy, Arizona and Cristina have a 30-minute window to fix the problem as Alex and Dr. Fields watch helplessly from above. The infant is saved with less than three minutes to spare. Alex and the new OB may not like each other all that much, but they both share a moment of pure joy once they realize the baby is going to be okay.

Owen, Callie and April treat a kid who acted as a human slingshot so his buddy could video him flying over a brick wall. Unfortunately, the kid’s trajectory was off the mark. Should still get plenty of online laughs though. The kid has double hip dislocations and a fractured femur. Ouch.

Slingshot boy is in a lot of pain, as is Callie because Arizona won’t let her drink coffee now that she’s pregnant. Callie has a mini-meltdown while popping her patient’s hips back into place. It’s nothing a good caffeine fix won’t cure, which is why Owen orders April to get Dr. Torres a cup of coffee. Stat!

Later, slingshot boy’s buddy has his video camera rolling in the recovery room as they continue to catalogue their idiocy for the Internet. Owen tells the boys about a guy he knew who died from severe injuries, but slingshot boy’s situation is worse. Why? Well, Owen says his guy died heroically because he threw himself onto a grenade to save six other soldiers. Suddenly, the video these guys are making doesn’t seem quite so hilarious.

At the end of the day, Jackson invites Lexie over to Joe’s for a drink. She declines, but maybe she’ll see him there tomorrow. Alex tells Dr. Fields that he’s sorry her patient died. She thanks him and says she’s glad his patient lived. These two won’t be grabbing a drink together either. Callie makes it clear that she will be drinking one cup of coffee per day. Finally, Meredith lets the Chief know that he should absolutely continue her mother’s work, but she just wants to find a way to cure her disease.

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