S7 E15 Golden Hour

02/17/11 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith is in charge of the ER. It’s six o’clock. Soon it’ll be seven. In the meantime, Meredith is about to find out that a lot can happen in an hour.

Meredith treats Oliver, a man with chest pains. The guy wants to skedaddle because he promised his son he’d take him to a big college basketball game tonight. But Mer wants to do a few tests just to be safe. Speaking of the big game, Alex has courtside tickets. But he can’t head down to the arena until he signs all his charts.

Dr. Lucy Fields is a huge college hoops fan. She surprises Alex by helping complete his paperwork. She then cons him into asking her to the game, which he does. Sadly, the lovely Dr. Fields is working. She just wanted to see if she could get Alex to ask her out. Yeah, that one was a slam dunk.

A drunken dude staggers into the ER with a knife sticking out of his skull after a tailgating brawl. It happens. Meredith wants Derek to check the guy out. He’s game as long as it doesn’t interfere with the date they have scheduled for 6:30. However, there doesn’t seem to be any set time for Bailey’s rendezvous with Eli in an on-call room. Doctors and nurses hooking up in the hospital? It’s unheard of!

Regarding the drunk with the knife wound, it’s as if the blade did absolutely no damage at all. As the doctors assemble to figure out the best course of action, the patient’s equally-inebriated buddy yanks the knife out of his pal’s cranium. Looks like Derek will make his 6:30 date with Meredith after all. But he realizes the on-call room is occupied when he walks in on Bailey and Eli. So Derek drags Meredith into the elevator to give her a shot of hormones to help with their baby-making endeavors. It’s not exactly your traditional date.

Lexie’s patient has a migraine to go along with a girlfriend from hell. Scans are negative, so Lexie discharges the guy. That was a mistake. Meredith notices the man’s signature on the discharge paper is barely legible, but it was fine when he arrived. Meredith tracks him down in the parking lot realizing that the man is having a stroke. Lexie missed the signs and the guy’s evil girlfriend is upset because they may have to cancel a trip to Aspen.

Adele comes into the hospital with a bad wrist wound. The Chief is livid that Meredith didn’t inform him immediately. Adele covers for her by saying Meredith hasn’t even examined her yet. It’s not true and Adele may not be lying on purpose. She may just be confused, which is why Meredith orders a head scan. But the Chief doesn’t want to hear any suggestion that something may be wrong with his wife.

Teddy has a first date with a sharply-dressed man. But when duty calls, the guy ends up hanging in the waiting room with her faux husband, Henry. Teddy could be awhile. Meredith’s chest pain patient, Oliver, has a dissecting aorta. He needs surgery now. There’s no time to scrub. Meredith and Teddy work with speed and precision, but the aorta is completely shredded. There’s nothing more they can do. Time of death: 18:52.

Callie asked Cristina to be godmother to her yet-unborn baby. Meredith advises against the gig. It’s not that she doesn’t want to share Cristina. Well, that’s it a little. But the real reason is that she feels if Cristina agrees to be someone else’s godmother, it’ll be like she’s saying Mer will never have a baby of her own. Cristina agrees to decline the godmother gig and Meredith heads off to make the tough call to her patient’s family.

Nathan, a four-year-old little boy, has a broken femur which requires surgery. His injury is extremely painful, but not urgent. Meredith has been telling the boy’s worried dad that he just has to wait until an OR opens up. The events of the day cause Nathan’s case to continuously be bumped. The boy’s dad tells Meredith that a doctor finally stepped up to take care of his son. It happens to be the same guy who had courtside seats to a big basketball game. Alex’s selfless act impresses Dr. Lucy Fields even more.

Lexie’s stroke patient makes a full recovery. Not only that, he dumps his total tool of girlfriend. Woo-hoo! After work, Jackson is off to the big game to enjoy Alex’s floor seats. He has an extra ticket, so he asks Lexie to join him. Sounds good to her. Woo-hoo again! As for Meredith, she goes back to seeing patients. It’s seven o’clock now. Who knows what the next hour will bring?

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