S7 E16 Not Responsible

02/24/11 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith treats Allison (guest star Nancy Travis), a patient in the Alzheimer’s clinical trial. Her young son, Kyle, seems to be completely up to speed on his mom’s condition. He’s a bright kid who even knows that some trial patients get placeboes. He also has a rather large bump on his neck that worries Meredith. She’s also concerned about the fact that her eyesight seems to be going south fast.

Alex approaches Dr. Lucy Fields about Meredith’s vision issues. He’s concerned that his friend’s fertility drugs may be affecting her vision. He also knows it’s a good excuse to have a chat with a hot OB. Dr. Fields is hip Alex’s game. She’s been jamming his romantic radar by sending him all kinds of mixed signals. It’s kind of cool to see Alex so off balance. Funny, too.

The bump on Kyle’s neck is quite serious. Dr. Stark wants to call child services because the parents didn’t seek treatment sooner. Meredith, April and Arizona tell him that the family is completely underwater at the moment, but Stark isn’t having any of it. Allison has a screaming fit when she realizes they may take away her son. Kyle starts singing Walk the Line. His mom loves Johnny Cash, so he always sings his songs when he needs to calm her down. Told ya the kid was smart.

Meredith is grateful that Allison will be getting the real medicine during the surgery. Unfortunately, she’s unable to assist Derek during the procedure because of her vision. Allison’s surgery goes well, as does Kyle’s. His dad promises that he’ll get help and April is stunned when Dr. Stark agrees to hold off on calling social services. Then an even bigger bombshell occurs when Stark asks her out on a date. Of course, the ultimate shocker unfolds when we learn that April actually says yes!

Mark makes it very clear that he’s taking his soon-to-be daddy duties very seriously during a heated speech about amniocentesis. He’s against the procedure, but Callie decides to do it after careful consideration.  Surprisingly, Mark is fine with that. He just wanted Callie to at least consider his opinion. That’ll work. Of course, Arizona isn’t looking forward to a lifetime of decision-making with Mark Sloan. By the way, Owen has also been asking Cristina to consider his opinion on future baby possibilities. Think she will?

Teddy, Lexie and Jackson treat Ricky, a prospective lung transplant recipient who has a girlfriend, Julia, with cystic fibrosis. It’s beyond dangerous for these two to be together. Teddy worries that Ricky is squandering the gift of new lungs by being with Julia. He must end the relationship or the transplant is off. Ricky and Julia agree to break up, but Teddy doesn’t by it.

Lexie finds Julia sitting outside the hospital. They have a heart to heart that ends with Julia’s realization that she can’t be with Ricky ever again. It’ll be hard, but Lexie believes in finding love again. At least, that what she tells Julia. She’s not so sure she believes it. A chat with an obviously-interested Jackson makes her think again, which is why they end up in the shower together. Doctors are all about cleanliness.

Adele is back in the hospital after taking another spill. When the Chief orders tests done on his wife, Bailey suspects substance abuse. But that’s not the case. Meredith relays her Alzheimer’s concerns to Bailey, who relays these same concerns to the Chief. As for Meredith, Dr. Fields tells her that she needs to stop taking her fertility drugs ASAP or she’ll risk permanent eye damage. Bummer.

The men of Seattle Grace do a little nighttime rooftop golfing while discussing their situations with the various women in their lives. Derek sets down his nine-iron long enough to have a little chat with the Chief, who asks him to take a look at Adele. This wasn’t an easy thing for the Chief to do, but at least he knows his wife will be in good hands.

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