S7 E18 Song Beneath the Song

03/31/11 | TV-14 | CC

“I asked her to marry me and a truck came out of nowhere."

These are the words Dr. Arizona Robbins speaks during this very special Grey’s Anatomy Music Event. Songs punctuate the story as one of Seattle Grace’s own fights for her life as her friends do whatever it takes to save her and her unborn baby.

The driver’s side airbag has been deployed. Arizona looks to be okay after a horrifying car crash. Callie, however, has been launched through the windshield. Only her feet remain inside the car. The rest of her cut and bloodied body rests atop the hood of the car.

Every Seattle Grace surgeon awaits the incoming ambulance. Mark wants in on the trauma. That’s not gonna happen. The Chief convinces him to stand down while everyone else works to save his best friend’s life. There’s a fetal heartbeat, but Callie is crashing. There are bleeders everywhere inside her body. The team tries to get them under control as Derek works to repair the severe brain injuries.

Callie stabilizes, but things still look grim. Lexie is told to keep an eye on Mark. Alex hangs with Arizona. They may have to deliver the baby sooner rather than later. This is a little more than Lucy Fields can handle. The Chief calls in his best option—Dr. Addison Montgomery.

Owen is the calm amidst a storm of anxious surgeons. Emotions are very high. Everyone needs to take a breath. Callie has a hole in her heart. The massive head trauma she suffered could cause permanent brain damage. Mark and Arizona verbally attack each other while trying to decide what’s best for the woman they both love. Venomous things are said. Nothing is resolved.

We flashback to just prior to the accident. This is Callie’s dream. She wonders if this is what love feels like as Arizona pleads with her to put on her seatbelt. We segue into the musical portion of the dream sequence. All of our favorite Seattle Grace Mercy West couples sing, dance and do all sorts of lovey-dovey things to each other. It’s interesting to note that Lexie is with Mark, not Jackson, during this particular number.

Cristina wants to perform a dicey procedure she learned from Burke. Teddy thinks it’s too risky. Owen backs her call. It’s all hands on deck when Callie starts bleeding out. She’s rushed into the OR where things go south fast. It’s obvious to everyone but Teddy that the only way to save the patient is to let Cristina do her thing. Dr. Altman steps back. Dr. Yang steps up.

Derek works the brain while Cristina works the heart. Callie is crashing again. Addison has to get the baby out now. The extremely premature little girl isn’t breathing. All attempts to save her seem to be failing. Mark knows there’s one person in the room who can help. He gives a slight, confident nod to Arizona. She’s ready. Moments later, the baby miraculously takes her first breath. A few feet away, her mother’s heart is getting stronger with each beat.

Only time will tell how Callie will recover from her significant injuries. As for her friends, they’ll also try to bounce back from all that’s happened. Jackson doesn’t want to wait for Lexie if she’s still in love with Mark. She takes him by the hand, asking if they could just go home. Derek promises Meredith that somehow, someway, they WILL have a baby. And Teddy tells Cristina that she can no longer be her teacher.

Mark apologizes to Arizona for his outburst. Many hurtful things were said in the heat of the moment. Callie’s still not out of the woods. Arizona waits by her side, hoping the woman she loves will come back to her. Callie does just that. She opens her eyes, struggling to speak. Arizona finally understands what she’s trying to say. The answer is yes. Yes, she’ll marry her.

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