S7 E19 It's a Long Way Back

04/28/11 | TV-14 | CC


Callie and her brand new baby girl have a long way to go recovery-wise. For Callie, she’s struggling to do simple tasks like straightening her hand. It’s painful, but not as devastating as the fact that she still not allowed to see baby Sofia. Think that’s gonna stop her friends from plotting a covert mother/daughter meeting?

A team of sneaky, stealthy surgeons wheels Callie’s bed up to a window where she finally sees Sofia. The look on this new mom’s face is one of joy and hope. Callie says, “Don’t worry. See, I’m a little messed up, too. But we’re gonna be fine. Okay? We’re gonna be just fine.”


Callie desperately wants to hold her baby. She pushes her therapy to the point where she ruptures her abdominal wound. The timing couldn’t be worse, as the baby is having heart failure. Bailey works on Callie as Arizona gives Mark the play-by-play over the phone. He bolts from Callie’s surgery when there’s a problem with Sofia. Thankfully, Dr. Stark is able to pull the baby through. Everybody is okay.

Alex treats Gladys (guest star Doris Roberts), an abrasive old lady who doesn’t have long to live. Her vicious verbal assaults are the least of Alex’s problems. He needs to show Owen some type of leadership plan if he wants to become Chief Resident. Arizona mentions all the sick little African kids she left behind, so Alex says he’s gonna bring them to the States for surgeries. Now he just needs funding.

Dr. Stark isn’t about to fund the ambitious African kiddie effort using his budget, so Alex tries to solicit Gladys. Sure she’s a mean old witch, but she also happens to be loaded. His request for $100,000 is denied with extreme prejudice. But when Gladys realizes Alex is the only one she wants to care for her, he gives her a $100,000 ultimatum. Deal! Too bad Gladys dies before it becomes official.

Derek loses a patient moments before a clinical trial surgery. They need a new patient to take the guy’s place and Adele’s condition is getting worse. She mistakes Meredith for her mother during a heartbreaking exchange. In other news, Teddy’s still not giving Cristina any heart patients. She has, however, been popping by Henry’s place after all her bad dates. She often comes bearing pasta and cannolis. Yum.


Callie and baby Sofia are both looking good enough to go home. As for Alex, he doesn’t even have a home after his trailer is towed. He racked up gobs of debt by go forward with his African kids program without funding. Alex could go to jail for fraud. He almost rips up a letter from a law office. Fortunately, he opens it to find a check for $200,000. Looks like Gladys altered their original deal. Bring on the kids!

Adele is now part of the clinical trial. That’s the good news. The bad news is she’s slated to get a placebo. We know this because Meredith broke into the classified files to check. That’s enough to get her into serious trouble. The fact that she switches the file with one in which real medicine is used could kill the clinical trial as well as end her career.

Dr. Stark says Sofia can go home if she can sit in an infant carrier for an hour without issues. April likes that others are starting to see the real Stark. Too bad he can’t forgive her for breaking his heart. Speaking of heartbreak, Henry has a candlelit dinner all ready for Teddy. Unfortunately, her latest date is actually a good one, so Henry will be dining alone.

Baby Sofia aces the infant carrier test. Everyone is overjoyed. Well, everyone but Callie. She’s freaking out about putting her baby into a car. It’s not safe. Bailey assures her that she’s not worried because she was in a car accident. She’s worried because she’s a parent. It’ll pass…mostly.

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