S7 E20 White Wedding

05/05/11 | TV-14 | CC

Callie and Arizona are getting married. All wedding plans should run smoothly if everyone sticks to the Colonel’s schedule. The Colonel, by the way, is Arizona’s dad. Yes, all the parents are in town for the big day. Arizona’s dad isn’t jazzed to have the sperm donor (his nickname for Mark) be part of the ceremony and Callie’s mom, Lucia, seems less-than-thrilled to see her daughter walk down the aisle. Gotta love parents!

The issue with Callie’s mom is actually quite troubling. Lucia doesn’t believe this wedding, not to mention having a child out of wedlock, is right. She can’t be a part of it. Needless to say, Callie is devastated. Things go from bad to worse when the minister has to bail on the ceremony. As far as Callie is concerned, the wedding is off. A pep talk from Bailey turns her around. Whew!

Arizona misses her brother. He’s someone she always wanted to be part of her wedding. Callie had hoped that both her parents would be there, too. None of this is happening. Callie sent her dad home with her mom. But these issues can’t stop two people from standing up to declare their love to anyone who wants to listen. With Bailey pinch hitting as their minister, Callie and Arizona do just that. Woo hoo!

Derek takes a shine to an African baby named Zola, who stops crying the moment he takes her in his arms. He tells Meredith they should adopt her. To help with the process, they head down to the municipal courthouse. It isn’t about the adoption though. It’s about getting married. Hope the judge has Post-its in his chambers! The ceremony isn’t as romantic as Callie and Arizona’s, but it gets the job done. The happily married couple has their reception at the hospital. Their only guest: baby Zola.

Cristina apologizes to Teddy in order to get back on her rotation. It’s disingenuous and it doesn’t fly. Teddy is trying to teach Cristina a lesson. It’s not sinking in, as evidenced by Cristina’s venomous words at the wedding reception. Teddy’s hit with some more jarring dialogue from Andrew when he asks her to move to Germany with him. This fun little dalliance just got a lot more serious.

A 10-year-old little girl with internal injuries is also living with AIDS. April goes to great lengths tries to comfort the scared child much to Dr. Stark’s chagrin. The two of them must work together though when the girl starts spitting up blood. Later, April makes a meal from the patient’s homeland from a recipe she found online. Dr. Stark has been stinging from April’s rejection of his affections, but there’s no denying the fact that she’s a fine, caring doctor. He tells Owen that she’d also make a fine Chief Resident.

Jackson has been working with mice for the Chief’s research project. He feels a bit like a pet store owner until one mouse takes ill. He does about $8,000 of tests on the little rodent. The Chief is about to go ballistic until the results of the test prove most valuable to the research. They even manage to revive the mouse. The little guy now has a squeaky clean bill of health.

Alex knows his African kids program appears to be putting him on the fast track to snagging the Chief Resident gig. Alex also knows that Meredith messed with the clinical trial envelopes. What she did could have ramifications that are far bigger than she realizes. When the truth comes out, every doctor in Seattle Grace will be affected. But for now...

Everyone is having fun at Callie and Arizona’s wedding reception. The time for the father-daughter dance arrives. Arizona takes her place on the floor with the Colonel. As for Callie, she’s going to sit this one out until Mark takes her by the hand. Their dance is interrupted when a distinguished gentleman asks to cut in. Callie’s dad has been waiting to dance with his little girl on her wedding day since the moment she was born. You really think he’d miss it now? No way. Sniff, sniff.

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