S7 E21 I Will Survive

05/12/11 | TV-14 | CC

No sex for Owen! His interviews for Chief Resident are today and Cristina doesn’t want her hotness clouding his judgment. Hey, isn’t sex supposed to clear your mind? Either way, the bottom line is…No sex for Owen!

Speaking of the interviews, Meredith is worried Alex may blab about her altering of clinical trial. She’s also on edge about her interview with the adoption agency. To add to the stress, baby Zola has a hernia that Arizona is slated to fix. Then there’s that whole Chief Resident thing. Yes, there’s a lot happening in Meri-land these days.

Meredith feels like she’s blowing her adoption interview, as all she talks about is Zola’s medical situation. The case worker begs to differ. Zola’s day didn’t involve a play date. It involved surgery. Meredith knew what was happening with her every step of the way. That’s a sign of a good mom. Whew!

Lebo, the sister of Alex’s African patient, collapses outside the hospital. Turns out she’s been hiding the fact that she’s eight months pregnant. The baby actually grew while being tangled up inside Lebo’s intestines. Dr. Fields removes the baby and Alex is able to get the newborn breathing. Lucy works fast to save Lebo, too.

Speaking of Dr. Fields, she’s confused by Alex’s casual attitude about her moving to Texas after getting a great job offer. Alex is also considering a big move after Arizona suggests he take on her old gig back in Africa. Eventually, Alex opts to stay put. His situation with Lucy played a part in this decision. Of course, he’s then shocked to learn that Lucy took the job offer. Not the one in Texas though. No, she’s headed for Africa.

Henry talks the Chief into letting him into his clinical trial for diabetes. It’s the first step towards getting a job that’ll provide him with his own health insurance. Once that happens, Henry can pursue Teddy with no strings attached. Speaking of the Chief’s trial, Jackson decides to bail. Owen is ticked until he figures out the reason why. More on that later.

It’s “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.” Well, not really. But Mark brings Sofia by anyway. Lexie can’t help but be moved by the sight of her ex holding a baby. Jackson catches her gazing at McSteamy-turned-McDaddy. Lexie says she was just looking at the baby. Uh huh.

As for Jackson, the reason he pulled out of the trial is because one of the awards he’s sure to win already bears his family name. He didn’t want his inclusion to reflect poorly on the Chief. At least he still has Lexie. Or does he? As for Henry, he realizes he doesn’t have Teddy when she reveals she’s moving to Germany with Andrew. So he politely, and heartbreakingly, asks for a divorce.

April briefs Owen on the safety checklist she created to help cut down on human error by doctors. She’s all about protocol. That’s why April wants to call Teddy when Cristina discovers a tree growing in a patient’s lung. Apparently, the guy inhaled a seedling and it just started growing. Cristina wants to do some tree removal without notifying Teddy. April can’t go for that, which is why she tattles. Told ya she was all about protocol.

Even though Cristina is in hot water, the patient wants her to do the surgery. She does, much to Teddy’s chagrin. Owen isn’t thrilled his wife broke protocol either. He tells her she’s not going to be Chief Resident. This was his decision. Owen knows the job isn’t for her. Cristina is a surgeon. She shouldn’t take a job that would keep her from excelling at who she is.

At the end of a long day, Cristina, April and Alex drown their sorrows at the bar. April realizes that she probably won’t be named Chief Resident, but she also knows her checklist system works. Cristina realizes that Owen was right, so she calls off that whole “no sex” initiative.

We’re guessing Owen can’t wait to get home. He’ll have a lot to think about on the ride after a bombshell is dropped on him. A bitter, hammered Alex takes a shot of whiskey before blabbing that Meredith messed with the Alzheimer’s trial. We’re thinking this may affect her chances of becoming Chief Resident.

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