S7 E22 Unaccompanied Minor

05/19/11 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith refuses to answer any questions about meddling with the Alzheimer’s trial. The Chief eventually realizes that the patient file she tampered with belonged to Adele. He has no choice but to suspend Meredith and the study will have to be turned over to the FDA. As for Derek, he’s now questioning his wife’s ability to determine right from wrong. Meredith takes that to mean he has doubts about her being a good mother.

A 757 has crashed in the water. Seattle Grace is the designated crisis center. The team is full prep mode as they wait for the victims to arrive. They never do. Everyone reaches the heartbreaking conclusion that there were no survivors. Now they must break the bad news to the families. It’s a heart-wrenching exercise. Everyone is emotionally spent. Then the phone rings. A little girl is alive. She’s the sole survivor.

The little girl was flying alone. They operate on her, but can’t yet locate any family. When the mother of a deceased victim hears this, she convinces her husband to stay as a show of support. Others follow her lead. No one is going anywhere until this little girl has someone who loves her by her side. It’s a chill-inducing gesture—one that’ll give you a pretty big lump in your throat, too.

The little girl’s mother finally arrives. She can’t believe all the strangers who stayed for no other reason than to pull for her daughter. The fellow mom who initiated this goodwill gesture doesn’t have the heart to reveal that her own son died in the crash. When the little girl’s mom is finally allowed to see her daughter, those who waited slowly, silently disperse. This has been a glowing example of the best people can be in the most trying of times.

Alex is persona non grata at the hospital after tattling about the trial. He’s also unwanted at home, as Meredith orders him out of her house. His whistle-blowing ways even cost him the Chief Resident gig. Owen had planned on awarding the position to him until he threw his colleague under the bus. So who does Owen pick to be Chief Resident? Well, that would be Dr. April Kepner. Surprise!

Mark finds out Jackson bailed on the Chief’s trial to help its chances for recognition. This inspires him to give Jackson his blessing as far as being with Lexie. We’re not sure if that’s condescending or gallant. Either way, Lexie wants Mark to stay away from them. If he doesn’t, she’ll eventually go back to him because, well, she loves him. Mark agrees to let her go. That’s good, right? Well, it seems to be working for Lexie, as she kisses Jackson passionately smack-dab in the middle of the hospital corridor.

Teddy keeps visiting Henry over and over. She can’t see that these little pop-ins are devastating to the guy. Henry is in love with her and she’s going to Germany with another man. Or is she? The events of the day makes Teddy realize that she’s actually falling in love with her husband. She pops in to visit Henry once again, but this time her kiss lets him know she’s not leaving Seattle anytime soon.

Bailey is taking the plane crash hard. She’s been on the same flight before with her son. Eli does his best to comfort her, but she delicately pushes him away. At the end of the day, she finally realizes it’s time he came home with her to meet her son. In other relationship news, Lucy asks Alex to tell her to not go to Africa. Instead, he tells her to go to hell. Wow.

Cristina learns she’s six weeks pregnant. It’s not exactly joyous news. She doesn’t want children. Owen, however, does. He desperately tries to convince her that they can make this work. Nothing sinks in. Cristina says she made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy. Owen can’t believe she’s doing this without including him in the decision. He tells her to get out their house. Wow again.

Meredith gets the news that they are free to take Zola home, so she does just that. Cristina stops by to break the news of her pregnancy and the fallout that followed. As for Derek, he hasn’t been answering his phone all day. He has no idea Zola is theirs. No, Derek is camped out in his unfinished home in the country. He’s sleeping across from the area he’s mapped out for a crib. Not the happiest way to end the season, is it?

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