S8 E01 Free Falling

09/22/11 | TV-14 | CC

April has the big boss jitters as the new interns arrive and our favorite docs roll into their fifth and final year of residency. The Chief has some words of wisdom. He says, “You all know what you’re doing. Just don’t kill anyone.” It’s good advice and a funny line. What doesn’t get a laugh is the news he lays on Meredith. The board feels her actions in the Alzheimer’s trial disgraced the hospital. That’s why Meredith Grey has been fired.

An unemployed man named Danny is feuding with his working wife Susannah. She angrily exits their car. Moments later there’s a rumbling sound. Then Susannah is gone. Danny steps out of the car. More rumbling. Soon, Danny’s gone, too. Both have been swallowed up by a gigantic sinkhole. Their car flies downward, too.

Susannah’s leg is stuck under the car. The sinkhole is still extremely unstable, so Owen and Callie are tasked with talking Danny through the impossible. They need him to amputate his own wife’s leg. Danny is scared, yet somehow he musters enough courage to begin the procedure. But there comes a point where he can’t continue. It’s just too much to ask. That’s why Owen risks his own life to go down into the sinkhole and finish the job.

Alex is hiding out at the sinkhole scene since he’s persona non grata at the hospital. He finds the hand of a young boy who has been buried alive. Alex is able to stabilize him. The kid is transported to the hospital where Jackson has stitched up a gash on his dad’s face. Did we mention young Dr. Avery is interested in plastics now? As you may have guessed, Mark is pretty darn rough on him when he finds out.

Word of the Mer-Der separation gets back to the adoption counselor even though Meredith tried to hide the news. She also failed to mention she’d been fired. Now a slew of red flags have been raised regarding Zola’s adoption. Needless to say, Derek is not happy with his wife.

Owen isn’t happy with his wife either. He has no idea that Cristina still hasn’t had the abortion even though she desperately wants to. Meredith gives him the scoop. She’s speaking as kid who was raised by a mom who didn’t want her. She knows that Cristina will resent her child if she has one and that will ultimately destroy her. Clearly, her words hit home with Owen.

Teddy has been pretty darn giddy lately because of all the earth-shattering sex she’s been having with Henry. Earth-shattering sex tends to put people in good moods. Teddy is now willing to teach Cristina again. They’ll be getting back to basics, focusing on all the things Cristina was able to gloss over because she was so brilliant right out of the gate. Sounds like fun! Well, not for Cristina.

There’s trouble in the OR when Bailey almost performs a procedure on the wrong patient. There was a mix up on the big board. Fortunately, Lexie suspected something was amiss just before scalpel hit skin. Bailey stares ahead with daggers in her eyes. She believes the team needs a Gunther. The woman with the amputated leg will serve that purpose well. What’s a Gunther, you ask? We have no idea. But I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

With Derek in surgery, Meredith tries to find out the worst case scenario from the adoption counselor. She fears they may take the baby away. The social worker doesn’t want to discuss the matter until Derek is there, too. Meredith says she’ll go find him. Instead, she runs to get Zola. Meredith looks completely unhinged as she carries the baby down a corridor. She mutters softly, “What did I do? What did I do?” We’re kind of wondering the same thing right about now.

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