S8 E02 She's Gone

09/22/11 | TV-14 | CC

Bailey and Callie are given the go-ahead to do a Gunther, which is a team building exercise. The hospital does it when folks aren’t working well together. It’s named for a doctor who rose up above his peers to take charge in critical situation. Cristina, April, Alex and Jackson work Susannah, the women who was trapped in a sinkhole. Who will the Gunther be? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

There are many complications during Susannah’s surgery. Cristina appears to take the lead in the quest for Gunther-dom. She’s doing well until she accidently gives Alex an injection that stops his heart. Cristina brings him back, but is he ever ticked. As for the patient, Jackson takes control of the situation. He’s the Gunther.

Meredith is MIA. She has baby Zola and she’s not answering her cell or pager. Eventually, she calls Cristina for help. They need a plan as to how to explain Meredith’s disappearance. Cristina ropes Alex into helping. He’s more than willing, as he needs a way to get back into the good graces of his friends.

The three conspirators tell the adoption counselor that they were simply giving baby Zola a checkup after some lab results showed some cause for concern. The counselor is mildly skeptical, as is Derek. But he goes along with the ruse. He also defends Meredith by saying Zola couldn’t find a better mother. All this may not be enough though. Red flags have been raised and Zola is taken away. For how long? We have no idea.

The Chief is planning to insert a device into Henry pronto. The speed in which this development took place has Teddy a bit on edge. He wants Bailey to watch the procedure. The fact that he’s asking someone of her stature to take part in the operation has Teddy even more concerned. Bailey is also wondering why she’s there. She’s completely baffled when the Chief has her take over the entire procedure.

Derek soon learns the reason for the Chief’s odd behavior. He’s decided to take the fall for Meredith by claiming he’s the one who tampered with the Alzheimer’s trial. It’s not true, but it is enough to get Meredith her job back. It’s also enough to have him hand over all of his “cure for diabetes” research to Bailey. It’s her FDA trial now. A stunned Bailey accepts this great honor.

Owen reunites Susannah with her husband. He sees the love these two have for each other. This guy was willing to cut off his own wife’s leg to save her. Owen knows Cristina would do the same for him. He also knows that she hasn’t yet had the abortion. The two of them finally have a heart-to-heart that ends with Owen agreeing to be there for his wife during the procedure. It’s not easy for either one of them, but at least they’re going through it together.

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