S8 E05 Loss, Love and Legacy

10/13/11 | TV-14 | CC

Jackson's mother, Dr. Catherine Avery (guest star Debbie Allen), has come to Seattle Grace Mercy West to perform a groundbreaking surgery. She's there to do the country's first penis transplant on a cancer survivor named Ryan. She's also there to see her baby boy and his new girlfriend. Too bad Jackson shipped Lexie off to see her sister. It's his way of keeping her from his larger-than-life, meddling mom.

Ben has been bribing a scheduling guy named Pierre with lattes to avoid surgeries with Bailey. Now that he's been booked in her OR, Pierre will be purchasing his own lattes. Teddy catches Bailey checking out Ben's butt and we catch sight of Ian Gomez playing doctor in the hospital halls. The stars of Cougar Town are making cameos in many ABC shows, so keep your eyes open! Now back to the transplant.

Mark wonders why they are doing a penis transplant as opposed to a reconstruction. Dr. Avery (the mom) wants him to scrub in for the surgery so he can see why in person. Mark also lets it slip that Dr. Avery (the son) is his protégé. The fact that her boy wants to specialize in plastics is news to Dr. Avery (the mom).

Catherine Avery holds a surgical contest to see which two residents get to scrub in with her. It's down to three people when Alex takes himself out of the running. It's obvious he had no choice judging by the panicked look on his face after getting a page. As for the contest, the big winners are Meredith and Jackson. Don't worry. There wasn't any nepotism at play. Dr. Avery (the son) earned it.

Alex and Arizona race down the hall to see that baby Zola has been admitted after having a seizure. She has a nasty bowel obstruction and needs surgery. Alex wants to give Meredith and Derek the scoop, but the adoption counselor warns against that. They are under investigation. Any breach of protocol will jeopardize the adoption. Alex brings Cristina into the loop to ease his guilt about keeping mum. But all bets are off when Zola starts seizing. Meredith and Derek need to know. Now!

The penis transplant is underway when Cristina steps into the room. Meredith can see by the look on her face that she needs to leave. April takes over her duties. Did we mention that she and Dr. Avery (the mom) are Facebook friends? Anyway, the patient goes south when April accidentally destroys the dorsal vein. Mark convinces Catherine to let him save the day, though he won't be doing the procedure. That's a job for his protégé. A short time later, the patient has a brand new penis that pinks up nicely. That means it'll work.

Meredith and Derek are understandably freaking out when they hear about Zola. Their friends try desperately to convince them to stay away for the sake of their future family. Arizona is a rockin' surgeon, so Meredith and Derek agree back off to let her do her thing. She does just that. Zola is going to be just fine. Meredith is beyond relieved but she can't stop crying. When the adoption counselor sees the emotionally exhausted look on her face, she knows Meredith and Derek were tipped off. We're not sure what's going to happen now.

Teddy and Henry are having a dinner party that Bailey never mentioned to Eli. This seems to be an indication that it's time to end their relationship. Bailey wants Ben to know that he's not the reason for the breakup. Yeah, he's not really buying that one. In other news, Arizona knows she's not technically Sofia's mom, but she is in reality. Callie assures her they'll get a legal piece of paper to prove it.

Mark and Catherine had differing views, but they worked well together. Mark has high praise for Jackson, as well as his girlfriend, Lexie. This has Catherine's radar pinging. She wants her son to be careful with Mark. He obviously has strong feelings for the woman her son all but admits he loves. Catherine just can't help meddling. That's probably why she's trying to get April to finally have sex with someone.

Cristina bails on the dinner party to spend the night with Zola. Owen decides to go solo after seeing how good his wife is with the baby. Later, Cristina calls just before Zola is to go down for the night so Meredith and Derek can sing her a lullaby over the phone. They may not be there to tuck her in, but the hearing sounds of two people who love her will surely help Zola sleep in peace.

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