S8 E06 Poker Face

10/20/11 | TV-14 | CC

Lexie wants Meredith to have sex with Derek so he'll be nicer to her now that she's on his rotation. Sounds like a plan! But Mer is summoned away to OB duty where she delivers a baby for a woman who has an inoperable brain tumor. This brand new mom only has six months to live. Meredith wants Derek to do a consult. But since they can't talk engage in neuro-talk, she sends Lexie in to do her dirty work.

Derek wants to operate on that inoperable tumor. The new parents are nervous. Meredith has a heart-to-heart chat with the dad (behind Derek's back, of course). The guy's scared, but eventually gets on board with the idea of surgery. It's touch and go for awhile. The tumor is smart, but the surgeons attacking it are smarter. Soon the tumor is gone and a grateful, teary-eyed dad is telling his new baby girl that she now has a mom for good.

When you're a fifth year resident, every surgery you do goes on your record—the good and the bad. Speaking of the bad, Alex has had five surgeries go south on him lately. That's why he's looking to improve his batting average by doing an easy open-heart procedure. But the 71-year-old patient doesn't want a scar. It'll affect his abilities to attract the ladies at the pool. Makes sense.

Alex's patient wants him to do an experimental operation that will leave virtually no scar. It's a risky procedure, so Alex opts out of doing it. But the old patient won't be denied. He asks Teddy to step in and do the procedure. Alex is stunned and Teddy is disappointed. She says, "The only thing worse than a bad surgeon is a scared one."

April is helping Bailey with her clinical trial. She's also having trouble getting anyone to respect her. So, she changes the inflection of her voice to command more authority. April uses her new tone while threatening to use her Chief Resident powers to make life miserable for her charges. This actually works! Meredith even tries it on Bailey so she'll read the research she secretly did with Richard to help the diabetic clinical trial mice.

Cristina works with Callie as they tackle a three-day, three-part surgery to rebuild the neck of a young man named Tyler, who is tired of listening to his bickering parents. Callie, on the other hand, is tired of listening to new best buds, Mark and Arizona, plan their next great culinary dish. She loves that they are getting along, but she misses her alone time with her wife.

Cristina fears her streak of good surgical outcomes may come to an end if they keep performing aggressive procedures on Tyler. When things look like they are going south, she asks that her name be taken off the case. As it turns, a detached electrode only made it seem like the patient was coding. He's going to be just fine. But that doesn't stop Callie from granting her resident's request by taking her name off the case. As for Tyler, he's using his new neck to hold his head high to scream for his parents to just get a divorce already.

Cristina and Owen have been having lots and lots of sex lately. They've also been pinging each other with dirty texts until they can find a quiet little corner of the hospital to grope each other. But Owen says they can't keep doing things like that now that he's Chief. They'll have to settle for doing it at home.

Arizona and Callie will also finally get back to having sex at home once they boot Mark out the door with a slice of pizza to go. As for Derek and Meredith, they're free to have sex, too. They just can't talk about Derek's case. That's cool. Meredith already has the scoop, not that her hubby will ever know that.

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