S8 E08 Heart-Shaped Box

11/03/11 | TV-14 | CC

A familiar face returns to Seattle Grace when George O'Malley's mom, Louise, is admitted. She's in pain but can't stop smiling due to the pride she feels at having Meredith as her doctor. Louise is also all smiles when she sees Callie, who can't bring herself to give out the 411 on her marriage to Arizona.

Meredith wants to do Louise's surgery. Bailey, however, is still plenty peeved at her. She's also dealing with memories of George, who was always just as maddening as Meredith. Nevertheless, Bailey lets Mer do the surgery to help get her mind off the upcoming hearing about Zola. She also gives her some fashion tips on how to impress the judge. Apparently, sweaters make surgeons seem less cold to people. Good to know.

Callie eventually tells Louise everything, and we mean everything, about her life. She worries that all this is too much for her ex-mom-in-law to handle. It's not. Louise is overjoyed to hear that Callie has a baby girl. She can't wait to see pictures!

Cristina has a heart. We're not speaking figuratively here. She's been tasked with watching an actual beating heart that's been placed in a box until it can be transported to its new recipient. Cristina's less than thrilled at this babysitting gig until Richard informs her that the heart-in-a-box is the key to everything. We have no idea what he means by that. Cristina figures it out though. More on that in a moment.

Jackson bails on a nerve graft surgery because he doesn't want to hang with Mark, who worries about the future of the Plastics Posse. It's a nickname he's hoping will catch on. Jackson…not so much. He meets up with Cristina, who channels the awesomeness of the heart-in-a-box to breakdown her wish list of surgeries. Jackson uses it to realize that he must choose between working with Mark and being with Lexie. Guess who he picks?

Derek is determined to seek out patients who have hopeless cases. He invites Lexie to join him on this exciting new ride. But first she must convince a stubborn patient to consent to an operation. Justine Campbell (guest star Alfre Woodard) is a writer with an aneurysm that's sprung a leak. She won't sign off on surgery until she finishes her latest book.

Lexie helps speed the writing process by becoming Justine's personal typist. Her disgruntlement over the hopelessly romantic story's ending gets put on hold when Justine's aneurysm bursts forcing Derek to operate. In recovery, Justine reveals that she's change the ending to her book so that her leading lady stays with the perfect guy. But someday she'll end up with her imperfect soul mate. This has Lexie in tears as she's relating the story to her own relationship. Guess that's why she doesn't try to stop Jackson from breaking up with her.

Arizona interviews a prominent prospect for the pediatrics fellowship. This has Alex a bit edgy until he overhears the dejected candidate talking on the phone. She's bummed because there's this other doc at the hospital who Arizona feels is the best person for the job.

It's "Bring Your Hubby to Work" day. Not really. But Henry is in the house which makes it much more convenient for Teddy to have sex with him during any downtime. While basking in the afterglow, Henry tells his wife that he wants to go to medical school. Unfortunately, Teddy doesn't want to spend the next 10 years married to a med student. This leads to their first big fight.

When Teddy gets home, she tries to talk to Henry. He has his back to her with his hands clutching the counter of the kitchen sink. When Henry turns around, Teddy can see that he's gasping up blood. She rushes to his side promising that everything will be okay. We're not so sure about that one though.

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