S8 E09 Dark Was the Night

11/10/11 | TV-14 | CC

As Henry coughs up blood, Owen assures Teddy that they will take care of her husband. Henry is bleeding in his lungs and trachea thanks to a new tumor. Taking the thing out with a laser is the best option, but Richard's never done it that way. Teddy thinks they should consider a new surgeon. More on that in a moment.

Callie informs a spinal fusion patient named Laura that she needs to take things slow during her recovery. That's not easy when you're a mom to an active young boy. Laura is heading home with her family when something goes wrong with her heart. Teddy needs to operate. She doesn't want to leave Henry, but Laura will surely die if she doesn't step in.

Teddy wants Cristina to do the laser tumor removal on Henry. Everyone thinks it'll be too much pressure on her, so they decide to drape the patient's face to conceal his identity. Owen reluctantly agrees as he convinces his somewhat cavalier and completely oblivious wife into doing the surgery.

Teddy and April discover that Laura's heart is spouting blood because a screw that came loose from her spinal fusion surgery is shredding it. Jackson is the one who performed the initial procedure while Callie supervised. Actually, she wasn't watching him all that closely. Callie tells Bailey that she was reading a magazine at the time. Now she has a first class case of the guilts.

Things go south during Henry's surgery. The laser option is out, so Richard takes over. But things go from bad to worse. Cristina can't understand why such extreme measures are being taken. There's no way they'll ever be able to get the heart beating again. The patient is gone and Cristina still has no idea it's Henry.

Shock and devastation set in the instant Owen gives Cristina the news. But he can't tell Teddy about Henry until she finishes the bypass on her patient. He knows she'll never forgive him for that. Richard says her husband died on their watch. She's never going to forgive any of them.

Meredith gets the call she's been dreading. All indications are that they are not getting Zola. She tells Derek that she doesn't want another baby. Speaking of babies, a newborn is in trouble at a hospital that's not equipped to deal with her medical issues. In short, the child has a condition that makes it difficult to eat and breathe.

With Arizona, Jackson and Mark busy tending to a kid who was attacked by a dog, Meredith and Alex hit the road to pick up the baby. They manage to get the air flowing in the infant's lungs, but they need to get her out of there. Meredith convinces the baby's worried mom that she'll take care of her child as they head out of the hospital on a stormy night.

The ambulance breaks down while traveling along a narrow mountain road. Before the driver goes for help, he warns Meredith and Alex to get out of the rig, as they are stuck on a hilly curve. The vehicle is filled with oxygen tanks. If they get hit, it'll explode. The baby is in an incubator, so Meredith and Alex would have to leave her alone. That's not gonna happen.

Meredith and Alex are on speaker phone with the hospital. Arizona gives medical instructions while others in the room want them to get out of the ambulance. Alex wants Meredith to scram. There's no reason both of them should stay. They argue back and forth. Then…CRASH!

Meredith and Alex are tossed around the inside of the rig. Something hit them from behind. Everyone back home wonders what happened as the phone goes dead. Meredith is cut on the head, but both she and Alex are in reasonably good shape.

They mobilize the baby with an oxygen tank and an IV. The rain has stopped, but a horrific scene greets Meredith and Alex as they step out of the rig. Motionless bodies are strewn across the road. A mangled vehicle rests on its side nearby. All this in the middle of nowhere.

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