S8 E10 Suddenly

01/05/12 | TV-PG | CC

Members of a severely injured family are sprawled across a narrow mountain road. Meredith orders a teenage girl, Lily, to care for the baby they were transporting while she and Alex tend to the accident victims. The grandmother is dead and Lily's sister has a shard of glass in her eye. The youngest son is still trapped under the car. Another vehicle is headed right for him. Meredith jumps into the middle of the road to stop it just in time. Help has finally arrived.

Meredith, Bailey and Ben operate on a tear in the young boy's liver. When the kid starts to code, Ben realizes the patient is about to go into organ failure unless they ice him down right away. It's a good call and a great save. It also alerts the team to a genetic condition so that could affect the procedures being done on the rest of the family.

Meredith tries to revive the mother of the family at the hospital even though all hope is lost. Lily watches her mom pass away from the observation window. Her dad is also in extremely critical condition. The guy keeps coding. His body fails a little more each time they revive him. Lily turned 18 during the few hours she's been at the hospital. That means she's legally allowed to make the difficult decision to let her father go in peace.

Mark calls his girlfriend, Julia, to operate on the young girl with the glass in her eye. Lexie is less than thrilled to be working alongside Mark's new lady love. It's touch-and-go for awhile. Derek is ready to pull Julia out of the surgery, but she rallies to remove the glass and save the eye. Much to Lexie's dismay, she realizes that she actually like Julia.

Teddy's colleagues decide to not tell her about Henry until she's finished sewing together her patient's heart. Teddy needs help with the delicate procedure. She needs Cristina. It's an impossible situation, but Cristina manages to fake things long enough to help her mentor save their patient. Of course, Teddy can't understand why April is watching from the observation room with such a grim look on her face.

After the procedure, Cristina pulls Teddy outside to finally reveal the details of Henry's procedure. She gives her the standard speech doctors give family members, but never actually says the words "he's dead." Teddy needs her to say it so that she knows it's for real. As difficult as it is, Cristina obliges. Teddy steps into the OR to say goodbye to her husband.

Arizona wants Alex to back off from his care of the baby. He does for awhile, but ultimately can't stay away. Alex still isn't quite himself. Arizona believes he may be suffering from residual shock after the accident. Hey, that jolt in the ambulance would have shaken anyone up.

Jackson wants to take the blame for the patient Teddy had to save thanks to his mistake, but goof happened on Callie's watch. She'll take the fall. As for Bailey, she seems to finally be coming around regarding Ben. The two of them share a nice moment alone in the cafeteria after a long, difficult day.

Meredith has been awake for 39 straight hours, so she orders a pizza even though it's early in the morning. Derek comforts her by saying they'll all right even though it's just the two of them now. Actually, that's now really an accurate statement. Someone is at the door and it's not the pizza guy. It's the adoption counselor and she has an even better delivery: baby Zola. It's not just the two of them anymore.

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