S8 E11 This Magic Moment

01/12/12 | TV-PG | CC

The team is tasked with an 18-hour surgery to save conjoined twins. Our favorite docs will perform tag team procedures throughout the day. Everyone has been practicing for weeks. Arizona has been caring for these babies since they were born. That's why she's completely amped up during yet another practice surgery to make sure everything goes right come show time.

Richard gets in Alex's head by suggesting that Arizona's overzealousness may cause problems when he's up to bat with the twins. He totally manipulates his unsuspecting prey to the point where Richard gets to jump in to do Alex's part of the operation. Needless to say, Alex is not happy.

There's a bit of a scare during the spinal cord procedure when one of the twins does not initially respond to stimulation. After a few tense moments, the young baby finally moves her foot. There are cheers all around, but they still have a long way to go. Things take a bad turn when one baby's kidney starts failing. Alex suggests they do a transplant with the other twin. Since it was his idea, he gets to do the procedure. Woo hoo!

Richard apologizes to Alex as he scrubs in. He says he's getting older. This was probably his last chance to get in on such a rare procedure. Alex feels bad for the former chief. He offers to let him do the kidney transplant, too. It's a nice gesture. Alex should feel good, right? Wrong. Richard totally played him again. Alex learns a tough lesson. You never ever give up once-in-a-lifetime surgeries.

Lexie gives updates to the young parents of the twins. The mom thinks she's judging them. But the truth is Lexie is just thinking how lucky she is to be with someone she loves. Of course, she gets a little uneasy when the young couple starts making out in the middle of the waiting room. Lexie gets even more embarrassed later when she hears Mark say that he wishes she were in the surgery with him. In reality, he was talking to Julia on the phone. Oops.

Bailey doesn't want Ben yammering on about his plans for the two of them to move in together during surgeries. So, if the conversational heads toward personal matters, Meredith is to jump in with a medical question. Ben smoothly steers the operation conversation toward those pesky personal issues, but Meredith is at a loss when Bailey goes on the offensive with her own personal thoughts.

As a rule, Bailey likes to focus on her surgeries only. That's why it's so distressing when they think a sponge may have been left inside the patient. It was actually stuck on Bailey's shoe. So much for focus. At the end of the day, Bailey confesses all her fears about the situation. Ben puts her mind at ease about everything, including Tuck. These two will eventually join up even if they have to do it one toothbrush at a time.

Teddy has been summoning Cristina for weeks to have her give a blow-by-blow account of Henry's procedure. It's uncomfortable to say the least. Teddy grills Cristina about every detail of the operation over and over and over. April thinks this relentless interrogation is cruel. She goes off on Teddy, but quickly falls back in line. Cristina then continues with her detailing of Henry's surgery.

Teddy tearfully finishes Cristina's latest account of the case. She's been going through all the details in her mind. Teddy knows Cristina did everything right. She did everything she would have done. Nothing was going to stop Henry from dying. It's a brutal catharsis, but one Teddy needed to experience in order to move on.

The parents of the twins are reunited with their healthy, separated children. Speaking of lucky babies, Meredith and Derek have been desperately trying to capture baby Zola on video as she takes her first steps. When the grand event finally occurs, Derek exclaims that he missed it because he couldn't get the camera to work. Of course, he didn't really miss anything. He and Meredith were right there when Zola took her first step. There may not be video footage, but it's still a memory Meredith and Derek will have forever.

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