S8 E14 All You Need Is Love

02/09/12 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith and Derek will never have sex again! Having a baby can make you feel that way sometimes. So can a lack of companionship as far as Lexie is concerned. Cristina is also sleeping alone lately. Thankfully, love is in the air for a few folks at Seattle Grace. Who will be hit with Cupid's arrow this Valentine's Day? Let's find out!

Meredith treats a woman who has been having blinding headaches that lead to seizures. Derek convinces the patient's loving husband to put his wife into a medically-induced coma while they figure out what's wrong. Meredith and Bailey remove something called a teratoma from the patient's lung. Unfortunately, there may or may not be another one on her ovaries. The only way to be sure is to remove them.

The gamble to remove the woman's ovaries pays off. This procedure will prohibit her from having children, but she'll now be able to enjoy a long life with the man she loves. Their story reminds us of the hardships Meredith and Derek endured before Zola came along. Oh, and the good news is they do manage to have sex again. It's a Valentine's Day miracle!

Cristina learns that she's back on Teddy's service. Then…CRASH! A van comes barreling through the hospital doors. Owen pushes his wife out of the line of fire, but steps away once he's sure Cristina is unhurt. The flower delivery driver who fell asleep at the wheel isn't so lucky. Teddy, Owen and Cristina repair his heart in a tension-filled OR. Later, Owen tells Cristina that he's moving out. It's devastating news for two people in a lot of pain.

Things get worse for Owen when he asks Teddy if they could be friends again. Her answer is an astonishing, venom-filled tirade about how much she hates him. It's truly brutal. Owen looks completely lost until Cristina approaches him. She asks her husband not to hate her. Judging by the way he looks in her eyes and caresses her arm, we're pretty sure that's not the case at all.

A man is hit by a car after chasing after his angry girlfriend. She ran off after he gave her a necklace for Valentine's Day. The frustrated lady was hoping to get an engagement ring. When the patient takes a turn for the worse, the woman doesn't care about the ring. She just wants her boyfriend to be okay. Sadly, he passes away. Lexie later learns that the necklace he gave her had a message inside. It read "Will you marry me?"

Mark loses a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to Arizona to babysit Sofia. His plans with Julia got squashed by an emergency surgery anyway. Mark won't be without adult companionship though. Jackson pops by to cook him dinner in exchange for some study help to prep for his boards. Lexie also pops by with Zola for a playdate. Actually, she was hoping to have a heart-to-heart with Mark. That's not likely to happen now.

Alex treats a 10-year-old little girl named Clementine, who has an allergic reaction to the chocolates she received from her sweetheart. 10-year-old, Nico, says his girl Clem can squeeze his hand as hard as she wants while she gets a shot. When the girl needs to spend the night in the hospital, Alex promises to deliver Nico's heartfelt message to his true love. He lets Clementine know that she picked a pretty good first boyfriend.

Arizona believes that Callie is taking her camping for Valentine's Day. That's too bad. Arizona hates camping. That's why she's pretty darn crestfallen when Callie leads her to Derek's trailer. It's not really a camping trip though. The inside of the trailer is done up with dozens of candles to set the mood for a romantic evening miles away from anyone else.

Bailey and Ben have dinner reservations at an eloquent restaurant. The events of the day kept pushing the dining time more and more. Richard offers to take another late surgery off her hands. He's free on his anniversary because Adele doesn't really recognize him at the moment.

At 11:23 p.m., Bailey still has time to save Valentine's Day. Actually, Ben's the one who does the saving. He planned a private dinner right there in the hospital weeks ago. Ben's pretty good at the romance thing. Happy Valentine's Day!

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