S8 E16 If Only You Were Lonely

02/23/12 | TV-14 | CC

Lexie is jazzed to be on the pediatric rotation for the day. Alex warns that things can be rough in the nursery. Intern Morgan's baby is a prime example of this. The premature infant came into the world weighing less than a pound. The baby's dad, Chris, is a surgical resident at another hospital. He knows the chances for survival are slim. Lexie doesn't buy it. She thinks this kid will fight like a champ. That's probably why Alex nicknames him Ali.

Chris doesn't want to do any aggressive procedures to save his child. After a little push from Lexie, Alex lets Morgan know that her baby has plenty of doctors in his corner. What he needs is a parent. That's why Morgan lets Chris know that she's giving him an out as far as caring for little Ali. Actually, Morgan says she wants to name her son Thomas. That'll work. Alex says Tommy is a good, tough name.

Extremely difficult times are ahead for Morgan and her baby. This has Lexie wondering if perhaps she was better off sticking with Derek and his "lost causes" cases. Then Alex shows her a board filled with pictures of all the premature babies who battled to become great kids leading healthy lives. This gives Lexie and hope and makes Arizona smile.

Richard burns his arm putting out a small kitchen fire that Adele accidentally set. Meredith urges him to put his wife into an outside care facility. Richard pays a visit to the place, but still feels Adele is better off at home. That's clearly not the case after a violent scene in which Adele hurls vases across the room. Richard still doesn't want to let go. He changes his mind when a lucid Adele tells him she'd prefer to live at the facility.

Teddy is more than a bit flustered during a big presentation. She fears that she may have blown any chance at funding to grow hearts. Surprise, surprise! Teddy gets a $4 million grant. That's probably because Callie asked Owen to make a few calls on her behalf. Of course, all this was done without Teddy's knowledge.

Mark notices that Jackson is a bit on edge as they treat a barista who got burned when an espresso machine exploded. As Teddy operates on a customer who was also caught in the blast, she screams at an assisting Owen to back away. It's another hostile, awkward moment between these two. Owen is still willing to be Teddy's punching bag, but Callie reminds him that his martyr act can't interfere with his job as the Chief.

Remember how we said Jackson was on edge? Well, Mark knows that the best way to relieve stress is with a female companion. He does his best to hook up his protégé. Mark even tries to convince study buddy, April, to take one for the team. But Jackson isn't interested in anyone. Well, that's not exactly true. Mark realizes that he may still be in love with Lexie.

Derek gets strange looks from a variety of people as he chauffeurs baby Zola around the hospital. He starts to think it's a racial thing. It's not. It's a thing about a dad who doesn't yet know how to do his new daughter's hair properly. Thankfully, Bailey is around to set him straight and help fix Zola's disturbingly unkempt hairdo.

Cristina is keeping an eye on a pretty nurse named Emily. Why? Well, she suspects this woman is after Owen. She gets even more worried when she pages her hubby to an on-call room where he refuses to be intimate with her. Cristina tells Meredith that she thinks Owen is cheating on her. She has no proof of this, but still can't fight the feeling. Could it possibly be true?

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