S8 E18 The Lion Sleeps Tonight

04/05/12 | TV-14 | CC

There are certain sites you expect to see while roaming the streets of Seattle. Coffee houses…the Space Needle…a big, hungry lion crossing an intersection. Yes, the king of the jungle escaped from the home of a woman who was keeping him as a pet, but not before chomping on the arm of her wimpy suitor. The patient isn't all that bright, but Richard thinks that's a good thing. He shows Jackson his collection of oddities that have been pulled out of past idiot patients. Now he can add a lion's tooth to his sharp collection.

Teddy's time with a grief group isn't the most rewarding experience in the world. Okay, it's a total disaster. Things are better at work as she and Cristina continue their quest to grow new hearts. Teddy also treats an elderly man, Martin, who experienced chest pains after seeing that runaway lion. The old guy needs a risky operation. His worried wife begs Teddy to not make her a widow. Martin survives the surgery, but his wife passes away during the wait. The patient's devastation ultimately helps Teddy come to terms with her own loss.

Cristina isn't speaking to Owen, who reveals his infidelity to a clueless Meredith. Needless to say, this little newsflash doesn't go over well. It leads to some awkward moments in the OR. Later, Meredith says that the reason Cristina didn't tell her about the affair is because she didn't want her to hate Owen. That means she may be trying to forgive him. We're just wondering if the bowl of cereal Cristina tosses in Owen's face is all part of the healing process.

Lexie overhears Mark say that he's considering asking Julia to move in with him. She turns to Derek for advice. That's a mistake. Relationships are not things these two talk about. Nevertheless, Lexie can't help wondering aloud if Mark is her soul mate. Derek can't take it anymore. He tells Lexie that the only thing that would stop Mark from moving in with Julia is if he thought he still had a shot with her. That's why Derek wants Lexie to be sure she wants him back.

Callie wonders about Arizona's past relationships when a departing coworker's hug lingers a little too long. Apparently, the love of her life had numerous liaisons with other colleagues before they got together. Insecurities arise until the voice of reason triumphs in the form of Mark Sloan. He reminds Callie how difficult it must be for Arizona to work alongside the man who fathered their baby. 'Nuff said. Callie's cool with Arizona's past. She proves this by seducing her the moment she gets home.

Alex asks to be taken off Arizona's service so he can distance himself from Morgan. That's not as easy as it sounds. Morgan is texting him constantly as her baby's health continues to deteriorate. She needs to decide if it's time to allow for the natural death of her child. Alex doesn't mince words when he lays things out. This is Morgan's decision. She needs to make it. Alone. It wasn't easy, but Arizona says he was a great doctor in doing what he did. Hating Alex will actually make Morgan the tough mom she needs to be for her baby.

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