S8 E20 The Girl With No Name

04/19/12 | TV-PG | CC

A female hiker is found badly injured in a ravine. Meredith realizes that she wasn't hiking at all. She was running from someone. The young girl's x-rays reveal years of wounds that have gone untreated. Teddy's seen injuries like this before in people who were tortured. Meredith asks the girl for her name. She says "he" called her Susan, but she believes her name is actually Holly, as in Holly Wheeler. She's someone who was kidnapped when she was six years old. Holly has been missing for many years. Until now.

Owen feels like he's in over his head with the all the attention that the Holly Wheeler case is drawing to the hospital. Richard assures him he'll be just fine. Owen's first task is dealing with the press. He must also try to comfort the girl's father who is upset because someone snapped a photo of Holly in the hallway. Cristina sees how difficult all this is for Owen. She lets him know that he's doing the best he can.

Holly forms a bond with Meredith. She looks to her for assurances on everything. This includes whether or not she should let her parents hug her. Holly is still traumatized by all that she's been through. Speaking of being traumatized, Bailey is paralyzed with fear once she realizes Tuck is missing from the daycare center. Thankfully, her son is just fine. He just had to be taken to the nurse. Bailey is relieved after briefly experiencing the feelings that come with every parent's worst nightmare.

As we mentioned earlier, Holly has formed a bond with Meredith. That's why she feels comfortable enough talking to her about her time with her abductor. Holly feels guilty for some fond memories she had with the man who took her. Meredith assures her that whatever feelings she has about anything, good or bad, are all valid and nothing to be ashamed of. Holly later develops complications, but the team pulls her through.

Owen asks for all doctors who worked on Holly to sign off for her release. Teddy is cool in cardio. Derek, Callie and Mark also agree that she's ready to go home. Bailey thinks so, too. She's just too emotional to say so out loud. That's fine. Derek speaks for her. Owen thanks everyone, especially Meredith, for everything they did for this young woman. His entire staff then gives him a round of applause for how well he handled the situation. Owen is most appreciative of the gesture and pleasantly surprised to see Cristina clapping, too.

Richard is upset when he finds Adele in bed with another man. His name is Alan. His Alzheimer's is much more progressed than his wife's. The truly depressing thing is that Adele believes she's in love with Alan. She lights up whenever he sees him. She barely knows who Richard is anymore. That's why he regretfully, painfully leaves her to spend her days with Alan, as he's the one who now makes her happy.

The fifth years are interviewing for post-residency positions all over the country. Cristina is in the highest demand, as hospitals are sending her gift baskets. April's perky personality may be her downfall in the interview process. At least she meets with some decent hospitals, which is more than Alex can say. Arizona has been recommending him to lame places so he'll stay put.

Jackson is upset because his interviewers are only interested in him because of his family name. As for Meredith, she interviews at a hospital in Boston. It's her first choice for a post-residency program. That means she may leave Seattle Grace someday. And she may not be the only one.

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