S8 E24 Flight

05/17/12 | TV-14 | CC

A plane has crashed in a remote area. Arizona's screams of agony echo through the woods. She's trapped under the aircraft's wreckage. Cristina manages to free herself to find Meredith in a near-catatonic state on the ground. Mark staggers through the debris. Everyone is in a state of shock. Lexie and Derek are missing. Bangs against metal are heard in the distance. It's Lexie. She's in trouble.

Mark frantically tries to find ways to save Lexie, who is trapped under a large section of the plane. Whatever they do for her, it won't be enough. Lexie knows this. Mark, however, refuses to give up. Derek is hurt bad deep in the woods. His arm is caught between a mangled mass of metal. He uses a rock to smash it free. He's still a long way from the others. The pilot, Jerry, is trapped in the cockpit of the wrecked plane. He can't move his legs. Speaking of legs, Arizona is forced to put a splint on her own left one while remaining trapped.

Lexie knows she doesn't have much time left. She asks Mark to hold her hand. He finally acknowledges what's happening. He lets Lexie know that she's his true love—always has been, always will be. They make plans for a future they'll never be able to share. Mark says they were meant to be. Lexie confirms this just before she passes away. It's a heartbreaking scene.

Meredith is devastated by the loss of her sister. She fears that Derek is dead as well. She tearfully lets Cristina know that she's still her "person" even if she's not hers. Moments later, Derek staggers out of the woods. Meredith breaks the news about Lexie as she works to repair her husband's badly mangled arm. Cristina wants Mark to help build a fire, but he's passed out with heart issues. Meredith uses a tube to drain the blood that's pooling up inside him. No pun intended, but he's out of the woods for now.

Richard is jazzed to celebrate a traditional final dinner with the residents, who are dreading the event. Callie says they need to change their tune fast. She's in a particularly good mood as she anxiously awaits Arizona's return. Little does she know that the love of her life is stranded in the woods with her friends. A chopper flies overhead, but the flare gun doesn't work. The transmitter is also likely damaged. No one knows where they are. They could be stranded there for days.

Teddy is planning to turn down a top job at MEDCOM. That's the U.S. Army Medical Command. Owen wants to know why she would give up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He's shocked to learn that it's because of him. Teddy has never seen him so broken. She's not about to abandon him after all the kindness he's shown to her. Owen appreciates her loyalty, but fires her anyway. He does this because he knows it's the only way she can be great at MEDCOM.

Bailey lets Ben know that he doesn't get to make decisions on his own. They are in this together. That's why she proposes to him again. Ben assures her that everything will be wonderful. In other news, Richard wants to wait to give his toast until everyone arrives. Of course, there's been no contact with the missing docs even though their plane should have landed by now. Owen also receives several voicemail messages wondering about the whereabouts of his surgeons.

Mark regrets not having told Lexie he loved her sooner. He thinks he's going to die. Arizona lets him know he can't. His girls need him. Callie and Sofia need him. She needs him. He promises to hang on. Night approaches. Meredith lights the last remaining match. The wind promptly blows it out. Cristina orders everyone to remain conscious until help arrives even though no one knows when or if that will happen.

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