S9 E01 Going, Going, Gone

09/27/12 | TV-14 | CC

The plane crash that took the life of Lexie Grey doled out even more aftershocks to some of our favorite docs. Time has passed and most folks are back at Seattle Grace Mercy West, though one is in a hospital bed. Mark Sloan is hooked up to a ventilator and a slew of tubes. He's been in a coma for some time. Machines are keeping him alive, but only until 5:00. That's the time Mark's living will dictated he be let go.

Old video footage shows the times of Mark's life. Back in 1994, he told Derek that he will never ever find another friend like him. There's the beginning of a sex tape, but Callie tosses a pillow to dismantle the camera before she and Mark get rolling. There's also footage of some on-the-job training with Jackson and a testimonial with Mark naming the love of his life: Lexie Grey.

Derek has been cleared for surgery regarding the hand he injured in the plane crash. Callie forces him to say something before his first operation. Derek obliges. He says, "It's a beautiful day to save lives." Too bad Derek won't be the one doing the saving after he drops a clamp during the procedure. His hand went numb. Not good. Derek will have to process what all this means later, as the five o'clock hour draws ever closer.

Dr. Jo Wilson is one of the new interns working under the tutelage of Medusa. Who is Medusa, you ask? Well, that's Meredith's new nickname. It seems the new interns believe her to be a monster of mythic proportions. Bailey's impressed that her former student has struck such intimidating fear into her charges. Meredith chooses Jo to do the traditional solo intern appendectomy and must bail her out when things go south. Owen later lets the crying intern know that Meredith isn't mean. She's a teacher.

Cristina is loving life doing the doctor thing in snowy Minnesota. Okay, that's not true at all. She's having trouble dealing with endless chitchat from Dr. Thomas (guest star William Daniels), who happens to be her inquisitor from the boards. The laid back, jovial head of cardio, Dr. Parker (guest star Steven Culp), is also someone she clashes with personality-wise. He orders her to take some time off and maybe visit the Mall of America. We hear they have an aquarium there and also Sbarro.

Bailey has been doing the long distance thing with Ben for awhile now. She perks up instantly when he shows up at the hospital unexpectedly. The new interns have noticed this phenomenon in the past. That's what led them to give Bailey a nickname, too. She's bummed to learn that it doesn't illicit feelings of dread like say "The Nazi" or "Medusa." Hey, it's just hard to be afraid of someone who's known as "Booty Call Bailey."

Alex has been giving a special, intimate goodbye to all the pretty interns before heading off to his new gig at Johns Hopkins. He meets Mel Barnett, the new attending in pediatrics. The guy plans to transfer out all the sick orphans that they help with their exchange program. That's something Arizona would never have let happen. Speaking of Arizona, we still don't know her fate. All we do know is that Callie breaks down crying after she's mentioned in conversation.

Jackson lets Mark know that the Plastics Posse will live on because he can take it from here. Richard turns off the ventilator and stops all medications. Derek and Callie sit on either side of Mark as he struggles to breathe without the use of machines. His other friends wait just outside his hospital room. Meredith can't stay. She needs to fly to Minnesota to see Cristina. As for Mark, he takes his final breaths with his two best friends by his side. We are treated to another video of him gently rocking his little girl to sleep.

Meredith runs into Alex at the airport. She's ticked that he didn't think to say goodbye to her. Their conversation doesn't end well. Owen is also at the airport boarding a plane. As for Meredith, she freaks out as her flight gets ready to depart. She demands to be let off the plane. Alex finds her at the airport bar. As it turns out, he's ditching Johns Hopkins to stay in Seattle.

Owen is the only one who actually boards a plane. Everyone thinks he's going to see Cristina. He's not. Owen flies to farm country to ask April to return to the hospital. She belongs in Seattle saving lives. Speaking of Seattle, Callie returns home to find Arizona curled up in bed. It's obvious she's been like this for awhile. Callie demands that she snap out of it. Arizona is too furious to follow this advice. That plane crash took a lot out of her including her left leg.

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