S9 E03 Love the One You're With

10/18/12 | TV-14 | CC

The airline makes a sizeable settlement offer to the surviving Seattle Grace docs for the horrific plane crash that took the lives of two of their own. The decision to take the money has to be unanimous. Cristina tells Owen that she'll do whatever everyone else wants to do. This is discussed during one of the many phone chats they've been having lately. Meredith and Callie, who is serving as proxy for Mark and Arizona, seem to be leaning toward settlement. Derek, however, is struggling with some internal conflict. More on that later.

Everyone is shocked to see that April is back, especially Jackson. The two of them team up on a case involving the skin removal of a woman who lost a significant amount of weight. Things are awkward from the get-go since April announces that she's re-virginizing. In other words, she's acting like what she went through with Jackson (we'll call it her "de-virginizing) never happened. Meredith figures out their secret and realizes she missed a lot during that plane crash like the fact that Alex is diseased man-whore again.

Speaking of Alex, he's warned by Callie to stop sleeping with interns because it ruins them. Guess that's why he's being so mean to his latest pretty underling, Jo, even though he totally digs chicks with boy names. Alex puts the kibosh on Jo's hopes of scrubbing in the surgery of a young girl with a nearly severed foot. As for the patient, she wants to get back to her solo sailing trip. Callie warns her way-to-passive parents to stop her even if means having their daughter hate them. Oh, and Alex eventually does let Jo scrub in for a surgery.

Cristina is back from her mandatory leave of absence from the Mayo Clinic where she Googled the Mall of America instead of actually going there. The head of cardio, Dr. Parker, wants to be sure she's ready to be a team player. So he assigns her to a rotation with the totally old school Dr. Thomas. Cristina is pleasantly surprised to learn something she never thought was possible during one of his surgeries.

Remember how we said April was re-virginizing? Well, she may have to re-re-virginize after being unable to control her passion for Jackson. In other news, Bailey is frustrated that her former charges have taken over the Attendings Lounge. She leaves Post-It notes everywhere to get them to clean up their act. For the record, they are yellow Post-Its, not blue. So, no one got married in the lounge.

The real reason Bailey is upset is because Tuck let go of her hand and didn't even look back his first day of kindergarten. Richard encourages her to doing something great now that she has that hand free again, and she shouldn't look back. Speaking of not looking back, Cristina lets Owen know that they can't keep chatting like old times. She's in Minnesota now. That's where she needs to move forward. A nice little after-shift talk with Dr. Thomas has us believing that's exactly what she intends to do.

Arizona is still extremely angry at Callie for making the call to amputate her leg. It makes for some incredibly tense moments at home. Arizona lets loose on a venom-filled tirade when she has an accident after not being able to make it to the toilet in time. Callie forcibly carries her into the shower. She breaks down in tears while doing so. Perhaps this painful episode has finally made Arizona understand that all this is now Callie's life, too.

Derek visits the site where they are doing the investigation as to what caused the plane crash. The wreckage is laid out in a hangar. It's a scene that causes him to have flashbacks to the day of the crash. Derek wonders what happens to the investigation if they settle. They just can't stand by and let something like this happen again to other people's Lexies and Marks. His friends agree. We said earlier that the decision on whether or not to take the money had to be unanimous. It is. When it comes to something this important, there's no way these dedicated doctors can ever settle.

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