S9 E04 I Saw Her Standing There

10/25/12 | TV-14 | CC

NEWSFLASH! Cristina is sleeping with the Mayo Clinic's head of cardio, Dr. Parker. He's about as jovial and carefree as a person can get and she's, well, not. Hey, opposites attract, right? Cristina assures Meredith that Parker is just her sex friend. Her closest pal in the great state of Minnesota is the guy she couldn't stand initially. That would be the elderly Dr. Thomas. The guy is Cristina's ancient Minnesota Meredith if that makes any sense.

Cristina learns that her new sex friend is looking to force Dr. Thomas into retirement. She realizes the only way to save her Minnesota Mer-man is to get him to ditch his old school ways to do a procedure that's a bit more 21st Century. Dr. Thomas struggles during the operation. He wants Cristina to take over. Instead, she talks him through and everything turns out aces. Afterwards, Cristina lets Dr. Parker know that she having drinks with her friend, Dr. Thomas. That means her sex friend will be going home alone.

David is the amiable fellow who is fitting Arizona for her new prosthetic. He can see how hard this is for her as she struggles to adapt to this new life. He also witnesses firsthand the venomous tirades Arizona is still hurling at Callie. David gives his patient time to cool down after he also experiences her wrath. Arizona attempts to walk while he's away. Alex pops into the room just in time to catch her when she falls. He says they need her back at work. Arizona says she's trying. Alex lets her know that Callie is trying, too.

There's a good reason why Richard looks so spiffy at the start of his shift. The great Catherine Avery is in the house to help out with the case of a guy who has testicles the size of basketballs. She promises her slam dunk procedure will fix him right up. Bailey is disappointed to learn that April will be scrubbing in instead of her. This is so Catherine can avoid Jackson, who actually ends up scrubbing in anyway.

April bails on Catherine's operation because the woman is obsessed with the details of her sex life. No need to give her an opportunity to figure out that it happened to get jump started by her son. The surgery is a success in more ways than one as the patient gets the courage (or the balls, as it were) to tell his best lady friend that she's the best lady for him. Jackson also dials up the guts to tell Richard that he doesn't like that he likes his mom. The two of them come to an uneasy understanding with each other.

Meredith's intern, Heather, discovers a massive tumor inside an overly-emotional bodyguard. Mer keeps the news from her hubby because all he can do is teach a bunch of hopeless interns at the moment. As for the surgery, Meredith has no idea how she's going to attack the mass. The patient freaks a bit when intern Heather blabs this to him. As for Derek, Owen lets him know that the reason his wife didn't tell him about her surgery is because she may have been afraid he'd run off to the woods and grow beard. It's happened before.

Derek sees a sign of hope with an intern who correctly utilizes a technique he taught him. He also lets Meredith know that he's not going run off to the woods again. He wants to hear about all the good things she does. In other relationship news, Callie has been sleeping at Mark's place lately. Arizona puts a stop to this by asking her to watch American Bakeoff with her. Let the healing begin.

Jackson distracts himself from thinking about his mom having sex with Richard by having sex with April. As for Owen, he hasn't been sleeping with anyone. In fact, he hasn't been sleeping at all. That's why he opts to spend the night at Derek's trailer gazing up at the heavens. Perhaps he can take comfort in the fact that at least he's under the same starry sky as Cristina.

By the way, this episode was directed by the guy who happens to play Dr. Owen Hunt--Kevin McKidd.

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