S9 E06 Second Opinion

11/15/12 | TV-14 | CC

Dr. Cristina Yang is back in this episode directed by Dr. Miranda Bailey herself—Chandra Wilson. Owen says the new head of cardio, Jeff Russell, pushed to get her back to work there. Cristina is shocked when her busy boss lets her assign her own surgeries. She promptly gives Intern Shane the dwarf nickname of Happy. Then she changes it to Dopey. Intern Heather is now known as Mousey. These two believe Dr. Yang is worse than Medusa. Speaking of Meredith, she continues to make Intern Stephanie shiver with fear.

Cristina must act fast when Dr. Russell's post-op patient starts coughing up blood. Mousey and Dopey get to scrub in on her surgery. They work well to save the guy, but Owen is ticked that Cristina operated on someone else's patient. He thinks the new cardio guy may fire her. The opposite happens. Dr. Russell thanks Cristina for making a good save. He now knows why Owen pushed so hard to get her in there. And now Cristina knows the truth about how she got her job back.

The doctors meet with the lawyers about the plane crash. Callie is persuaded to say that she doesn't believe Derek will ever operate again. This leads to a mini blowup between the two of them. Callie feels Derek pushed her into operating on his hand. Then she's grateful for that. She lets the lawyers know she truly believes Derek may operate again. They haven't tried everything and they can't give up until they do. Later, the lawyers reveal a plan to go after the hospital. Not the one in Boise. The best strategy is to go after Seattle Grace Mercy West.

Intern Jo keeps getting vomited on by a guy who looks like Santa Claus. The perpetually puking patient probably isn't the real Kris Kringle though. Owen says the guy has been coming in for years. He wants him discharged pronto. That's something Jo isn't ready to do. She cleans him up and runs some tests. There's no sign of illness. Alex stops berating Jo for walking around with vomit on her scrubs to help her finally analyze Santa's problem. Suddenly, the guy is a jolly old elf who no longer has to live with his longtime affliction.

April always feels so stupid after having sex with Jackson. She's been feeling stupid a lot lately. As for Jackson, he's embarrassed by the fact that he's been accidently receiving racy emails that are meant to be shared by his mother and Richard. He's also tired of hearing April complain about their relationship, as he's looking at it as more than just sex. Jackson lets April know that he has genuine feelings for her. Who knew?

Bailey hatches a plan to push the still-housebound Arizona into snapping out of her funk by asking for help with a pediatric case. Arizona is led to believe that Intern Leah (who is way hung up on Alex) left the patient's chart outside her front door. This forces her to strap on her prosthetic leg to retrieve something that was never there. That's because Bailey never sent it. The diabolical plan to lure Arizona into the hospital works brilliantly. Just like that, she's back in the game.

Alex is haggling with Meredith over making repairs to her house, as he's set on buying it. The two of them bicker about this while working on a patient. A young man named Brian comes in with severe abdominal pains. A mass is found on his liver, but the kid is also taking steroids. This is a shock to his parents. Later, the mass on Brian's liver is revealed to be cancer. Alex and Meredith remove it, but there's a chance of reoccurrence if the kid keeps using steroids. If only his parents had known about this sooner.

Alex tells Meredith that he's looking to grow up. That's why he wants the house. Meredith lets him know that the reason she doesn't want to make the repairs he's requesting is because the marks and scratches he's listed have meanings behind them. The chips on the ceiling are from the Christmas tree they got their first intern year. There are scratch marks on the door jams for both Zola and herself when she was little. These two finally reach a deal. Alex has a new house. He also has a new roommate in Cristina.

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