S9 E07 I Was Made for Lovin' You

11/29/12 | TV-14 | CC

"Can two people really be meant to be? MFEO? Soul mates?" These words from Meredith's opening voiceover to kick off a very relationship-y episode of Grey's.

It's Arizona's first day back at work. Intern Heather (Callie calls her "weirdo") is on wheelchair duty. She's to follow Arizona around in case she needs to take a seat. Alex pays off a young patient so he won't ask what happened to her leg. Arizona is literally steps behind everyone else treating a boy who was trampled by a horse, but she still makes it through the long surgery. Then she falls flat on her face. Alex clears the room expecting Arizona to be devastated, but she's actually laughing. Callie wants to know what happened after she fell. Arizona says, "I got back up." Nice.

April's dreams of getting married in a field with wildflowers, butterflies and gift mints that say "mint to be" could be derailed once she realizes she may be pregnant. Jackson does his best to support her as they await the results of a blood test. He also assures her that they can get married and be amazing parents together. April is happy to hear this, but is completely overjoyed to learn that she isn't pregnant after all. Her elation has Jackson questioning their future together. It's a future he decides to end abruptly.

Intern Stephanie (aka "Grumpy) and Intern Shane (aka "Happy/Dopey") assist on a liver transplant case. Bailey puts the kibosh on Cristina's plans to have an intern operate on the patient, Graham. The man and his partner have been waiting a long time for this day. Unfortunately, Graham's body rejects the new liver. Shane breaks down when the patient and his partner get the news that Graham has about a week to live. Later, Cristina is actually somewhat understanding towards Happy/Dopey, though she does call him "Weepy." Bailey, who is dealing with Ben's desire to have a Christmas wedding, realizes that Cristina's time in Minnesota changed her.

Meredith treats a man who likes to grab her butt. Actually, it's not just her derriere that's fair game. The guy grabs any butt that comes his way. It's humiliating for his adult daughter, who says her dad never used to be like this. Mer notices that butt man also grabs her pen as a reflex. This leads her to determine that a brain tumor is causing his erratic behavior. It's deemed inoperable, but it's not according to Derek. That's why he needs to get his hand fixed according to Meredith. Derek lets Callie know that they'll get to work on doing just that.

The hospital's lawyers appear to be looking to make Owen the scapegoat for the plane crash that killed or injured his friends. He signed off on the switch to the airline that they use without knowing they had a history of mechanical problems. A hospital bigwig named Roberta assures him that he has the full support of the board. Owen eventually realizes he's being manipulated by all parties as they are hoping a judge will throw out the case due to his conflict of interest regarding Cristina.

Everyone files out of the hospital after a long day. Alex seems to be taking extra glances in Jo's direction as the interns hang at the bar. Meredith has Derek take a look at a new t-shirt she bought for Zola. It says "World's Best Big Sister" on the front. Even though Meredith still has a hostile uterus, it looks like they are going to have another baby! Finally, Cristina looks like she's going to muster up the courage to tell Owen she wants him back. This never happens. Before she can say anything, Owen lets her know that he thinks they should get a divorce.

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