S9 E08 Love Turns You Upside Down

12/06/12 | TV-14 | CC

This one is all about the interns! Stephanie and Leah compete to impress Cristina. Jo is with Alex in pediatrics. Shane is in the pit with Aprildoing "lumps and bumps." That means they'll be removing all kinds of nasty protrusions from patients all day. Finally, Heather is with Meredith, aka Medusa. She tasked with make calls to all of Derek's many sisters. The search is on for someone who is willing to donate some nerves to restore his to full super neurosurgeon status.

Cristina's rotation cases include Samantha, a three-month-old baby who is first on the heart transplant list. Laura is the worried single mom who is always by her side. She's made a friend in Noah, a single dad who has an infant son, Reece, who is second up on the transplant list. In other heart news, the cardio trio of Cristina, Leah and Stephanie is also treating Mrs. Crossley, who is getting a pacemaker. Grumpy, that'd be Stephanie, gets to scrub in on this particular surgery. Leah, however, gets to assist when Reece's condition worsens.

A heart becomes available. It's on its way to Seattle Grace Mercy West. But since Reece's condition has deteriorated, he is bumped up to first on the transplant list. Stephanie must tell Noah that his son will be getting the heart that was supposed to go to Laura's daughter. Cristina tries to cheer up her intern by letting her scrub in on the transplant. A jealous Leah watches from the observation room with others who are in awe of Cristina's work. Owen is among those who are impressed by what's happening down below.

Bigfoot has been shot! Actually, it's just a guy in a hairy camouflage suit. Heather wants to scrub in, but Mer needs her to keep contacting her hubby's sisters. Derek tries to put the kibosh on the calls, but Medusa trumps McDreamy when it comes to bossing this intern. Heather also becomes privy to the news that Meredith is pregnant. She's sworn to secrecy even though she already blabbed something about an ultrasound in front of Callie.

A frightened Jo is forced to fly solo in a 15-year-old girl's complicated baby delivery. She then gets to assist Alex as he pulls the baby through a difficult procedure. Now if she could just get him to stop calling her "princess." As for the patient, Jo is shocked at how indifferent the 15-year-old and her mother are about the baby. She tries to forcibly stop them from abandoning the newborn. Alex later learns that Jo was also an abandoned baby who had a rough childhood. She's no princess, but she is a survivor.

The interns are shocked to see Mr. Crossley holding his wife upside down by her ankles. It's the only way he can keep her conscious. That's because a coughing fit damaged the pacemaker. They need to fix the problem by opening her up again. Stephanie and Leah race to prep the patient, but end up almost killing her instead. Cristina boots them off her rotation. Owen does her one better by suspending them both from the OR until further notice.

April lectures Shane on the importance of putting patients at ease even when you may want to hurl because of the disgusting things you're extracting from their bodies. This actually helps the young intern later on when Callie announces that an intern will be assisting in her surgery on Derek's hand. Shane wins the day when he turns out to be the only one who actually treats the patient with concern and compassion. He then returns to help April with more "lumps and bumps" much to her surprise.

Heather is caught in the middle of a feud between Meredith and Derek about the "sisters" situation. She's in the middle of a rant about the two of them when an unfamiliar face steps up to them. It's one of Derek's sisters, Lizzie (guest star Neve Campbell). She wants to see some pictures of Zola before anyone there hacks her hand into hamburger meat to help her brother. As for the interns, some of them had rough day, but they made it through. They'll be back again tomorrow though because that's just what doctors do.

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