S9 E09 Run, Baby, Run

12/13/12 | TV-14 | CC

Bailey has a first-class case of the jitters on her wedding day. She kinda, sorta asks Callie, Arizona and Meredith to be her bridesmaids by telling them to not sit down during the ceremony. Callie jokingly suggests that Bailey could leave Ben at the altar if she's truly scared. Richard offers to help take the edge off by offering her a surgery. It was all Ben's idea. However, Bailey still won't give in to their request to have a car take her to the ceremony. She wants to drive herself, wedding gown and all.

Derek and his sister, Lizzie (guest star Neve Campbell), verbally spar with each other as Jackson brief them on their surgeries. This brother-sister banter they share is nothing new. Derek wants to call off the surgery when he learns they need to take nerves from both of his sister's legs. Meredith pleads with Lizzie to talk him out of this. She's shocked when her sis-in-law rants about how her side of the family was left out of the loop for important family events like their wedding and Zola.

Callie operates on Derek after Jackson removes the nerves from Lizzie's legs. Both patients are recovering nicely. It'll take time to know how Derek's hand will function. As for Meredith, she refuses to get too excited about the fact that she's having a baby. It's that whole hostile uterus thing that's giving her pause. Still, she makes an effort to get closer to Lizzie by showing her a picture of the ultrasound before anyone else. Nice.

Jo learns that Alex wants her to perform some risky moves during a stomach surgery on a young boy. Her fellow interns, as well as Arizona, seem surprised by this. Jo makes a mistake during the surgery. She can't recover when things go south even though Alex saves the day. Jo lets Arizona know that she thinks her attending set her up to be fired. That's not what happened, but now Alex is ticked at Jo for blabbing to his boss. He lets her know that she truly burned a bridge with him.

Owen lets Cristina know that the divorce papers are all ready. All they have to do is sign. Cristina is shocked when Mer spills the news that they have a better case regarding the lawsuit now that she's getting a divorce. This leads to some tense moments during a surgery with Owen. Afterwards, Cristina realizes that her husband blames himself for the plane crash. She lets him know that this wasn't his fault. She also lets him know that she wants him back. This leads to a passionate kiss.

April and Jackson worry they'll hook up at the wedding, so they each agree to bring a distraction date. He'll go with Stephanie and she'll bring Shane. Without Jackson as a wingman, Alex agrees to be set up with a mystery friend of Stephanie's. In other news, Arizona is thinking about skipping the wedding because you're supposed to wear heals to a fancy affair. Callie rants that it's time for her to suck it up, stop whining and start living again. She's a little on edge because she hasn't had sex in five months.

Jackson is shocked at how beautiful Stephanie looks in something other than hospital scrubs. Alex is ticked once again when he learns that his mystery date for the wedding is Jo, who is also a stunner when all dressed up. As for the bride-to-be's story, Richard shows up at Bailey's place with a limo to take her to her wedding. It's a good thing, too. There's no way she was going to be able to get behind the wheel of a car in her big, fluffy dress.

During the ride to the ceremony, Richard gets a call from the hospital. Adele is coughing up blood. Bailey orders the limo driver to head to the ER. Richard wants to operate, but the doc on duty won't let him. Bailey settles her friend down by offering to take care of his wife. Back at the ceremony spot, Callie blabs to her fellow non-sitting friends that a now-late Bailey was nervous about getting married. Ben overhears this. He wants to know exactly how nervous.

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