S9 E10 Things We Said Today

01/10/13 | TV-14 | CC

Bailey's wedding guests, not to mention her groom-to-be, wonder why she's yet to walk down the aisle. They have no idea she's desperately trying to save Adele Webber's life. Ben learns that his bride-to-be is busy with an emergency surgery, so he opens the bar and buffet to all the guests. Arizona suggests she and Callie take some tasty-looking macaroni & cheese cupcakes to go. She booked them a room. Callie, who anointed herself maid of honor, may want to carbo-load for what Arizona has in mind.

Meredith stops Richard from decking the guy who runs the place where Adele was living. She then heads off to assist on surgery for a massive aneurysm. Leah is sent up to the observation room to keep an eye on Richard, who believes she should be downstairs learning. But there's no way the intern is leaving his side. Bailey and Meredith are out of options to save Adele until Richard barks instructions over the intercom. His suggestion works. Adele is out of the woods and grateful to see Richard by her side when she wakes up.

Cristina and Owen never make it to Bailey's wedding ceremony. They are too busy making love in an on-call room. Then they are overrun with patients when members of a motorcycle gang are rushed into the hospital after a massive pileup. A nerdy-looking guy named Stuart was riding with the bikers. He blames himself for the crash. The leader of the gang, a feisty lady who goes by the name of Gasoline, wants to see Stuart. Owen fears she wants to punish the guy. Security!

As it turns out, Gasoline isn't looking to hurt Stuart. She only wants to let him know that he is part of the gang for life. Gasoline takes a turn for the worse, but Cristina and Heather pull her through. A biker lets Owen know that Stuart is their accountant. He also lets him know that he's stuck in life until he breaks free from whatever is boxing him in. Owen lets Cristina know that if they sign their divorce papers then they'll finally stop hurting each other. So they do. Then they share a passionate, emotional kiss.

The mac & cheese cupcakes are put aside as Callie nervously prepares to get intimate with the woman she loves for the first time in a long time. Arizona asks that she wait in the bathroom while she readies herself leg-wise. To pass the time, Callie calls a still-recovering Derek in the hospital. She also takes a bath. Even after all that time, Arizona still isn't ready. She's afraid Callie will run from her because of her leg. Callie assures her that's never going to happen. They feast on cheesy cupcakes until the time is finally right to get intimate again.

Alex hangs at the bar with Hobo Jo. That's his new nickname for his intern. They trade stories about who had it worse growing up. They also practice the fine art of scamming others to eventually end up in a stranger's hotel room. The intoxicated duo swipe some fluffy robes and raid the mini bar. In other relationship news, Shane thinks April wants to sleep with him until she lets him know she doesn't. Jackson and Stephanie agree that they can't sleep with each other right up until the moment they have sex in the back of his car.

Bailey tries to explain things to Ben when he shows up at the hospital. She also reveals the fear she has about not being able to pursue her ambition. Ben lets her know that he has ambition, too. That means there won't always be a lot of time for each other. That's cool. Ben and Bailey will be grateful for whatever time they have together as husband and wife as they finally say "I do."

Bailey is bummed that all the macaroni & cheese cupcakes are gone. However, she's thrilled when Richard makes a late arrival to the party. Meredith thought he'd still be by his wife's side. Richard was, indeed, there for Adele until she passed away from a heart attack. He watches Bailey and Ben share a wedding dance. The image of the happy couple transforms into that of Richard and Adele dancing in their wedding attire. "My Funny Valentine" plays in the background. We then see a tear steak down Richard's face. This has been the happiest and saddest of days.

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