S9 E11 The End Is the Beginning Is the End

01/17/13 | TV-14 | CC

It's the last day of Meredith's first trimester. Derek wants his wife to finally break the news to her twisted sister. Speaking of Cristina, she believes that having sex with someone who used to be your husband is way more fun than doing so when he is your husband. Speaking of Owen, he now knows that Derek blames him for the plane crash. Speaking of the plane crash, the judge has finally made his ruling on the case. The hospital is found negligent. The plaintiffs in the case will be getting $15 million each!

Callie wants to celebrate the victory, but everyone else just wants to get back to the hospital. Shane is excited to be working with Derek. Actually, they won't be working. They'll be playing ping pong. It's Callie's way of testing her patient's hand for endurance. In other news, Owen feels up Jo thinking she was Cristina from behind. The utterly embarrassed intern has been spending lots of time with Alex, but the two of them aren't sleeping together. The same can't be said for Jackson and Stephanie, who are trying to keep their relationship a secret.

The Derek-Shane ping pong tournament draws a crowd. Alex makes a thousand-dollar bet with Jo on the outcome. Cristina interrupts the match to ask Derek to forgive Owen. Then the battle rages on with Shane winning the day. That means Jo just became a thousand bucks richer. She uses the cash to buy Alex a couch for his place. It's a very "girlfriend" thing to do, but these two insist they are just friends. In other doctor-intern news, Jackson lets April know that he's sleeping with Stephanie so she doesn't hear it from someone else.

Bailey treats a woman who injured herself doing a "sexy flexy." What's a "sexy flexy," you ask? Well, it's a pole dancing move this older lady tried to do for her husband to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. The patient is also a fan of vagazzling. What's "vagazzling," you may ask? It's… well… not important. What is important is having sex with your husband. Bailey can relate, as she had an experience on the beach that is way more invasive than vagazzling. It put a serious damper on her honeymoon.

Jackson is operating on a 16-year-old boy who has a disease that gives him misshaped face. He was Mark Sloan's patient for many years. Jackson wants to do a risky procedure that deviates from his mentor's original plan. Arizona isn't happy about this. She has Derek talk him out of going forward. Later, Jackson sees that his patient has a hot girlfriend thanks to some advice he got from Mark. This has him reconsidering his reconsideration of the risky surgery. Things go swimmingly and the patient looks great afterwards.

Heather treats a young girl with abdominal pain. The teen's mom is an overbearing piece of work. Meredith shows her intern how to talk to the patient, not the parent. Surgery on the girl reveals a giant hairball inside her belly. It's from a condition that has you wanting to chew and eat your hair. Heather encourages her patient to stand up to her mom, which she does. She demands that she sees a therapist for her problem. For the first time in probably forever, the girl's mom is left speechless.

It's been one month since Adele passed away. Richard is avoiding surgeries and turning down sympathy cookies from Catherine Avery. He's also looking to get rid of all the medical oddities he's pulled out of patients over the years because it reminds him of all the times he wasn't there for his wife. He tells Catherine that he doesn't want her around. He later apologizes. Catherine lets him know that he doesn't have to grieve alone. She sets out her hand so that Richard can hold it.

The dinner party for the lawsuit win gets off to a bumpy start until Callie opens up about how they are all trying to move on. She's heartbroken that Mark and Lexie are gone, but she's grateful for the friends who are still with her. Meredith can't drink to a toast. She finally breaks the news that she's pregnant. Woo hoo!

Everyone but Mer proceeds to get totally tipsy. Derek calls Owen to say he doesn't blame him for the crash. He wants him to come help them celebrate. That's not possible. Owen is stuck in a meeting about the lawsuit. The insurance company isn't going to pay thanks to a loophole. The hospital is on the hook for all that money. They'll have to declare bankruptcy. This means the doors of Seattle Grace-Mercy West will have to close forever.

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