S9 E17 Transplant Wasteland

03/14/13 | TV-14 | CC

Jackson is now the big boss at Seattle Grace Mercy West. He lays out the foundation's plans as far as moving forward. They conflict with the plans that have already been formulated by some of our favorite docs. The biggest newsflash is the thought that new leadership would be good for morale. Jackson says the recommendation is that they find a new Chief of Surgery. When Owen learns he may be on the outs, he makes thinks easy for the board. He quits.

It's a perfect storm of transplants at the hospital. Alex has a new kidney on the way for a 16-year-old girl if she can pull herself away from kissing a fellow dialysis patient. Cristina is doing a heart and lung transplant. The third case involves Brad Parker, a former Mercy West resident with ALS. April remembers him as an amazing guy who never gave up. That's why she's shocked to learn that he wants to be taken off his ventilator so that he can donate his organs once his heart stops.

Cristina's elderly patient, Mr. Schultz, has a beef with another elderly patient, Mr. Crump. The two old guys are neighbors who were involved in a love triangle that ended bad for both men. Cristina wants to transfer Schultz's heart into Crump so the first man can get a heart/lung combo from the same donor. Too bad Crump would rather croak. He's rejecting the heart out of spite. Cristina eventually convinces him to take the heart so he can outlive his nemesis.

April wants her friend, Brad, to fight to prolong his life. But the patient wants to donate his organs before he gets an infection. He wants his life to mean something. Brad gives his family the 411 on what will happen once his heart stops. April gives everyone the scoop on all the lives that will be saved because of this brave act. Brad's mom doesn't want to let go once the time comes, but April pulls her away so that her son's wishes can be fulfilled. Even in death, this brave doctor is saving lives.

Alex's young patient is afraid of all the side effects that will come with the meds she now must take, so she locks herself in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Meredith and Jo head off to find the patient's new kidney only to learn that the organ is MIA. Jo threatens a nurse until Mer lets her know their kidney is on its way too Seattle without them. Alex is eventually able to calm down his patient so they can operate. Now if only there was an available OR.

Jackson wants his mom to stop calling him "sweetheart" in front of the suits. Catherine understands. She'll just call him "baby." Richard thinks Jackson is in over his head. He's not shy about letting his mother know this. Richard worries that if Jackson falls on his face, his entire career will be defined by this failure. Catherine believes her son will come through in the end. Jackson actually does step up when he gives the final word on who gets to operate first regarding all the transplants.

Jo is getting very chummy with Chest Pecwell (real name Jason). This doesn't sit well with Alex, who is also ticked at his friends for buying the hospital. Meredith advises him to drop the attitude because they did what they did for everyone's best interest. She also lets him know how hard Jo fought for his patient's kidney. Alex interrupts his intern's date with C.P. to apologize for how he's been acting. He offers to buy Jo a beer, but she's all set with Chest.

In random news, Derek apologizes for being mad at Owen when he's really just upset that Mark is gone. Catherine admits to Richard that she's not used to having a man who cared about her son the way a dad would. Jackson announces that he wants to reinstate Owen as well as reopen the ER. He also believes the hospital needs a new name—one that can honor the very reason they've all come together. He suggests they call it the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Nice.

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