S9 E20 She's Killing Me

04/04/13 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith learns she does, indeed, have the gene that leads to Alzheimer's. She wants to update her will ASAP. She and Derek need to find a legal guardian for their kids should something happen to them. Mer thinks her "person" is the obvious choice until she realizes she's not. Cristina does, however, vow to lethally inject her if it ever comes down to it. Such a good friend. Derek tries to convince his wife that she may not ever get sick. After all, his gene mapping puts him at risk for male pattern baldness. Must be a late bloomer.

Owen is concerned because Ethan's dad won't wake up. Cristina says this is a case that could take up to eight days before there's any real progress. The boy's mom has regained her memory. She still needs to stay in the hospital, so Owen tries to work it so Ethan can stay there, too. He admits him with a fake illness to keep Social Services at bay. He also questions the care being given to Ethan's dad. Cristina realizes the reason why Owen has been so erratic lately. It's Ethan. Mer agrees. She says, "Kids make you crazy."

Two Syrian doctors are visiting for a crash course in basic surgical skills. Owen, Arizona and April are amazed when their foreign guests demonstrate the conditions in which they must work. They have few supplies available and must often work on patients in near darkness using only a flashlight for illumination. Owen enlists help from all docs to figure out a way to help the Syrians work with what they have. It's not an easy task considering all the hardships they face.

April worries that Matthew can't walk when she hears his mom is coming to pick him up. Actually, he's fine. Matthew just wanted mom to meet his supposedly-virgin girlfriend. April is mildly freaked by this. She occupies her mind by helping a Syrian doc, who gives her some sage advice regarding her relationship. April comes clean to Matthew, who isn't upset that she isn't a virgin. He's mad about the lying. Things don't look good for these two. April later stocks the visiting docs with all the supplies they can carry.

Shane is crushed when Derek tells him that he doesn't have the instincts that Heather does when it comes to neurosurgery. No amount of hard work is going to change that. Derek advises him to find a specialty where he can shine. In other news, Richard lets Jackson know that his new position includes letting others buy him dinner as they try to convince him to fund their requests. If nothing else, he gets a free meal.

Bailey treats a past patient who developed an unusually aggressive post-op infection. Then another post-op complication arises with a second patient. Leah scrubbed in with Bailey on both cases. She worries that the fact that she had the flu may have led to both infections. Leah comes clean to Bailey, who is furious. In the pit, Richard examines a third patient with a bad infection. This has all the makings of an outbreak. Leah is devastated. She worries she's going to be fired.

Leah is ordered to go through all of her past charts. There's no telling how far this outbreak may have spread. The first infection patient crashes. Bailey desperately tries to revive her to no avail. Leah realizes she's not going to be fired for what's happening. She tells Meredith that she's not the common link between all the infections. The only doctor who touched all three patients is Bailey, who wants to continue to care for her patients. That's not going to happen. Legal has been called and Bailey has been benched until they figure out what went so terribly wrong.

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