S9 E22 Do You Believe in Magic

05/02/13 | NR | CC

Arizona accidently over-sugars a coffee belonging to someone else. The other java lover, a woman named Lauren (guest star Hilarie Burton), swipes the cup that truly belongs to Arizona. Quid pro quo, right? The coffee thief happens to be a brilliant craniofacial specialist who has been flown in to help with an infant whose brain is growing on the outside. Arizona gets uneasy when Lauren appears to be flirting with her. She blurts that she's married. As it turns out, Lauren already knows all about Dr. Arizona Robbins.

You know that trick where a magician saws a lady in half? Well, one unlucky illusionist found out the hard way that it's not a great idea to use a chainsaw especially when the woman you're carving up is your wife. The magician's other assistant yelled their safe word, "Titanic," but things still went horribly wrong. Now the big trick for our favorite docs is putting this lady back together.

Meredith, Richard and Shane do damage control as best they can on the sawed-up lady. The magician's other assistant is in love with the wounded woman. They have been together for some time. Meredith tells the magician and his assistant (the still-in-one-piece one) to get over their differences. The woman they love needs them. The magician knows that his wife needs to be with the woman with whom she shares true love. This moment of clarity hits home with Richard. More on that later.

Bailey has been cleared to operate, but she's locked herself in her genome lab. Callie desperately tries to get her to open the door. It's just not gonna happen. Bailey robotically ignores all the pounding on the door. Everyone thinks Richard is the only one who can get through to her. He knows that's not the case. The other docs try to corner Bailey when she takes a bathroom break. The intervention fails miserably. Bailey isn't talking to anyone. She silently goes back to her work.

Derek's patient is a young girl who needs brain surgery. His attempts to explain the procedure are interrupted by the patient's rambunctious little brother who gives Heather wicked whack to the head. Alex assists on the girl's surgery. He's still trying to get over his feelings for Jo, but keeps running into her. As for Derek, he worries that his new son will be a monster like his patient's little brother. He worries about Zola. Meredith assures him that if their daughter can get a neurosurgeon to wear a princess crown, she'll be able to hold her own with the new kid.

April deals with an intoxicated college girl with severe abdominal pains. The patient's equally-hammered gal pals aren't making it easy to get a diagnosis. As it turns out, the girl consumed a drink made with liquid nitrogen. Yum, right? As April repairs her patient's torched-out tummy, she apologizes to Jackson for how she behaved towards him. These two seem to be getting back to a good place. But Jackson has been blowing off Stephanie lately. He kisses her hard at the bar as if to prove he's still into her.

Richard realizes that the only person who can help Bailey get out of her funk is the one who loves her most. Ben catches a flight to Seattle. He sees that his wife blames herself for the patients who died. She's been testing herself over and over and over. She feels dirty all the time. Bailey breaks down in Ben's arms. She truly believes those patients died because of her.

Owen continues to watch over Ethan. Everyone is waiting for the young boy's dad to come out of his coma. Owen sends him back to the hotel with his grandmother for a few hours. Ethan overdoses on some pills while he's there. Cristina tries a radical move to wake the dad. It doesn't work. When Ethan awakens, he admits that he doesn't feel like he has any parents. His grandmother tearfully admits she can't look after her grandson anymore.

Cristina knows that Owen wants a kid. She's seen how much he cares about Ethan. Owen assures Cristina that the only thing he wants is her. As for Alex and Jo, they agree to steer clear of each other. Later, Jo is seen arguing with Jason/Chest Pecwell. Apparently, cohabitation isn't agreeing with them. Alex sees just how bad things have gotten when Jo shows up on his doorstep with a beaten and bloodied face.

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