S9 E24 Perfect Storm

05/16/13 | TV-14 | CC

Cristina is upset that Owen never mentioned his plans to adopt Ethan. She knows he wants kids. That's something she can never give him. On the other hand, a new child is something Meredith is moments away from delivering to Derek. Can you say McBaby?! Mer's in the final stages of labor and reluctantly agrees to a C-section. Cristina assures her that even a moron can do such a simple procedure. She says this right in front of her OB. Of course, any surgery can get a little tricky when all the power goes out during a wicked storm and you have to operate in the dark.

Baby names are discussed as Meredith's C-section begins. Derek likes William. Meredith is thinking Sebastian. The baby is delivered, but Mer worries when she doesn't hear crying. Fear not. The kid's just tired. Derek shows his wife their new baby. He's fine, but does need some extra care. Derek heads off with his new son while Shane stays behind to close Meredith. Complications arise. There's internal bleeding from the fall Meredith took the day before. Shane needs to find the source of the problem before his patient bleeds out.

Bailey is still reluctant to operate on anyone. Richard takes over her case while ordering Frank, the man in charge of keeping the hospital in running condition, to get the power restored. In the meantime, Cristina must try to repair the patient's heart while operating in the dark. Richard talks her through the procedure by asking her to listen for where the problem is. This strategy works. Cristina aces the procedure. She thanks Richard for making her a better doctor.

A speeding bus loses control in the storm just outside the hospital doors. CRASH! The bus flips over on its side. Flames ignite. The hospital team rushes to help. It's a race to get everyone out of the bus as there's fuel leak. An injured woman says her three-year-old daughter is missing. Jackson finds the frightened little girl cowering in a corner. He pleads with her to come to him before the entire bus blows. BOOM! A massive explosion rocks the night. April screams in horror fearing Jackson was caught in the blast.

Everyone watches is disbelief as a figure emerges from the flames. It's Jackson. He has the little girl in his arms. Both are alive. Both are safe. April is an emotional wreck as she watches Jackson reunite a grateful mother with her baby girl. Matthew can see how much his fiancée cares. Elsewhere, Richard checks up on the power situation. He finds Frank unconscious having suffered a heart attack. Richard is able to help pull the guy through. He also learns the source of the power outage. He goes to take over where Frank left off.

Meredith talks Shane through her procedure. She needs him to step up big time because she's going to lose consciousness. She also makes Shane promise to not revive her if things go bad. When Bailey learns that Meredith is in trouble, she smashes open the locked area to get the needed meds to survive the storm crisis. She gloves-up to help Shane. Derek and Cristina rush to be with their "person." They fear the worst when they see Bailey in tears, but Meredith is fine. Mer-Der think a good name for their new baby boy is Bailey.

Arizona is having regrets about sleeping with Lauren. She has other problems thanks to a room full of babies that need medical attention. Arizona reluctantly accepts Lauren's offer to help. Things go south fast when the low battery light kicks on for all the baby ventilators. There aren't enough doctors to manually bag all the babies, but Derek says there are enough people. Jo takes the lead in teaching all the new parents how to work the ventilator device themselves. Everything works out until the power finally returns.

In relationship news, April wants Jackson to give her a reason to not marry Matthew? Alex finally says "I love you" to Jo and the two of them finally kiss. Cristina asks Owen if he really believes she'll be enough for him. She doesn't think so. Callie is confused when she sees Arizona's ring pinned on the scrubs being worn by Lauren. The truth comes out. Callie is crushed to learn that Arizona cheated on her. She's equally devastated when she realizes Arizona still blames her for cutting off her leg.

Bailey wants to apologize to Richard. She treated him horribly after all he tried to do for her. She looks everywhere, but Richard is nowhere to be found. Something happened when he restored the hospital's power. Richard is on the floor unconscious. His body shows signs of electrocution as sparks continue to flash throughout the room. There's no telling how long Richard has been there, how bad his injuries are or when he may be found.

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