S1 E05 Shake Your Groove Thing

04/24/05 | TV-14 | CC

Between her rounds at Seattle Grace, her mother’s Alzheimer’s and her non-relationship with McDreamy, Meredith Grey hardly has time to sleep. Adulthood? Responsibilities? Totally over-rated. What really sucks is when you screw up on the job. And this time she really does. Bad. Her fate as a doctor is in jeopardy.

Meredith nods off during surgery and accidentally punctures a heart. Well, she’s not exactly sure. There’s a hole in her glove and the heart skipped a beat. Maybe it’s nothing. Should she say something? George tries to convince her that everything is fine. The heart is beating. Everything will be fine, right?

George’s patient complains of chest pains and swears she’s stopped smoking even though x-rays reveal complications. They operate and find a TOWEL inside her. A surgeon left it there five years ago. Someone is going to be in trouble.

Izzie’s boyfriend is coming to town and she’s throwing a little meet-the-friends drinks. Cristina is suspicious why they aren’t having a romantic night alone. Are they having problems?

Alex ignores McDreamy’s orders to give his patient a central line for pain medication. Alex knows he’s a Junkie but McDreamy argues that you should never be dismissive of a patient’s pain. It could be very real.

Meredith has to sign power of attorney papers for her mother’s estate because her mother’s not lucid enough to sign. Mer rips into the nursing home people for not taking care of these things earlier. They are supposed to be taking care of her.

Cristina finds out Burke was involved in that towel surgery 5 years ago and gives the file to Bailey. Cristina suspects a cover up when she sees Bailey hand the file to Burke.

Meredith feels really guilty about her heart patient and apologizes to the husband. Of course the husband files a lawsuit and the SGH admins and attorneys come down hard on Meredith. She seriously could lose her job. Seriously.

Izzie just has one more thing to do before she can see her man and party—discharge Alex’s patient. This should be easy. Should be. The Junkie goes ballistic and bangs his head. They have to perform emergency surgery. Meanwhile her boyfriend goes to the house but no Izzie. He finds her at SGH and they have the “things are different now” talk.

Meanwhile, Meredith comes home to a raging out of control (like your parents are out of town and you’re in high school) party. She’s pissed! Her big meeting is tomorrow—the one that could change her fate as a doctor. But McDreamy shows up all sexy and charming and Meredith is ready to party! She can’t change anything now. They go to McDreamy’s car for some “privacy.” There’s a knock on the window. It’s Bailey—BUSTED! It’s hard to make excuses when you’re half-naked. High school indeed.

Meredith’s fateful meeting. We were biting our fingernails. Burke stands up for her AND he admits the towel was his fault. Meredith gets probation, but it’s short. Everything should be good. It should be great, right? Only if your boss didn’t catch you getting busy with her boss last night. Work will be interesting.

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