S1 E06 If Tomorrow Never Comes

05/01/05 | TV-14 | CC

It’s all about fear: fear of rejection, fear of commitment, fear of getting caught, fear of making a mistake. Izzie’s first solo surgery, a 70 pound tumor, brain surgery with the patient awake, and you won’t believe who gets it on in the closet!

Meredith and McDreamy have to figure out what to do about Bailey. What if she exposes their secret? Other than Bailey and Cristina, no one else knows about Meredith and McDreamy, particularly George who’s crush on Mer still rages on. Izzie is on to George’s crush and she pressures him to ask her out but he denies everything. He’s a bit of a nervous Nellie.

Here’s the news you’ve been waiting for—it was Cristina and Burke having a pre-work sex session in the closet. She’s late for work but she said it was worth it. Burke wants to define what they’re doing. Cristina rolls her eyes, her ‘go-to’ move. Cristina leaves and runs into Meredith who wonders if she should end her relationship with McDreamy. Is it worth risking her job? We yelled yes!

Bailey has harsh words with McDreamy about his relationship with Meredith. She wants the special treatment to end and tells him, “You don’t scare me.” Wow, who talks to their boss like that? McDreamy must be scared of Bailey because his treatment of Mer turns harsh, really harsh. Just wait.

Meredith is pissed McDreamy is being a “jackass” especially about the Parkinson’s case. He berates her for trying to convince the patient to have a risky brain surgery. It’s the patient’s decision. She shouldn’t get involved. How could she not? The patient’s daughter begged her to talk to him about consenting to brain surgery. Mer has her own sitch with her mom and knows what the daughter is going through.

Alex is really nice to the patient with the 70 pound tumor but he doesn’t keep it up for long. We thought it might be an act. When the patient overhears Alex making snide comments about her, Burke puts Cristina on the case. Alex argues that she is just as bad. Not quite, but almost. George is then assigned to the patient. He pours his heart out to her about Meredith. She can’t believe he’s comparing his crush to her tumor. Seriously, George? Seriously???

The Parkinson Guy decides to risk the brain surgery which is performed while he’s completely awake and talking. You have to see it. It’s so fascinating. We cried tears of joy when he stops shaking and claps his hands.

Izzie and Alex are in charge of the floor because everyone else is assisting on the tumor surgery. Alex leaves Izzie to observe the tumor surgery. Meanwhile the floor gets crazy busy. Izzie pages Alex over and over again. No answer. The heart patient has a massive clot. There is no time for Izzie to get an Attending. She has to crack him open NOW.

Tumor Lady is losing blood fast, really fast. Alex runs to get more. He comes back holding bags of blood but he’s too late. They lost her. It hits him hard. Meredith notices how defeated he looks—we do too. For once, the guy looks like a puppy.

Burke admits to Cristina he did her a favor by getting her in the tumor surgery. She pretends it’s no big deal and complains that she has a back ache now. Burke tries to talk to her again about what they’re doing. Cristina asks, “You really want to be that guy?” He tells her to lock the door. So feisty. We love them together.

Meredith decides making a mistake beats the hell out of never trying and waits for McDreamy outside the hospital. She’s got a bottle of wine and she knows a place with an amazing view of the sunrise over the ferryboats. There are two things she’s sure of: He’s got a thing for ferry boats and a thing for HER.

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