S10 E02 I Want You With Me

09/26/13 | TV-14 | CC

Simultaneously surgeries are taking place to save the lives of two of Grey-Sloan Memorial’s own. Catherine Avery (guest star Debbie Allen) just about blows a gasket when she hears that Bailey is operating on Richard in his fragile state. She screams at her to close him up proto from the observation room. Owen doesn’t appreciate the screams from above, but ultimately agrees it’s the best course of action. He needs to bolt as Heather is crashing. By the time he reaches her OR it’s too late. Dr. Heather Brooks is gone. A guilt-ridden Shane runs away down the hall. Heather’s surgeon and mentor, Derek, seeks comfort with his family.

Meredith thinks it’s a good idea for the interns to hang out until Heather’s mother arrives. They should come up with some good stories to share. Meredith recalls a Jell-O story she told George’s mom after he died. It was a sweet enough tale to elicit a smile from a distraught woman. The problem for the interns is that they don’t have any great Heather stories. They actually don’t know much about each other at all. This leads to an impromptu opening up session that has everyone but Shane laughing up a storm. All smiles disappear once Heather’s mom arrives. With still no stories to tell, they rip off the Jell-O tale. It does the job and makes mom smile.

April tries to mourn the loss of Heather with Jackson, but Stephanie needs him more. Matthew witnesses his fiancée’s disheartened demeanor from afar. He realizes proposing in front of a hundred people doesn’t really give a person an opportunity to say no. In other news, Sasha the cop receives word that her organs are starting to fail. This could be a fatal blow. Brian, her fiancé, wants to get married—as in right away. Sasha is game, too. Jackson goes online to get certified as a chaplain. The moving ceremony and a verbal tongue-lashing from Jackson have April rethinking things about Matthew. This time she proposes to him privately and he’s all in.

Owen feels that he would have done things a little differently with Cristina the last time they were together intimately if he’d have known it was going to be the final time EVER! Thankfully, there’s a little something called a do-over. And on-call rooms were invented for do-overs. They also come in handy when you want to do over your do-over, which Cristina and Owen do over-and-over. Follow? None of this means their breakup was easy for either of them. They also realize they can’t keep doing these do-overs. So… they’re over.

Arizona tries desperately to get Callie to talk to her, but that’s not going to happen. In fact, her wife moves out of their place with their baby. Callie and Sofia crash at Meredith and Derek’s place. Heavy wine drinking ensues (by Callie, not Sofia). Arizona beelines over to Mer’s place to speak her peace. It doesn’t go well. The next day, Callie gives Arizona the 411 on how things are going to go down for awhile. There will be a schedule as to when they each get Sofia. Arizona shows up on her non-night. Callie is furious, but Cristina convinces her to allow a five-minute visit. Arizona makes use of the time by telling Sofia she loves and misses her.

Stephanie learns why the Sharpie woman who saved so many lives during the mudslide was so concerned about her home. The lady had a tight-knit group of friends who lived on the hill. She fears no one else will have her now. Stephanie doesn’t want to end up like that. She rallies her fellow interns to join Shane as he heads out to help the firefighters in the field. They have no idea why he’s taking Heather’s loss so hard. All they know is that he needs them. And that’s enough.

Catherine believes the reason Bailey cut Richard open because she called him a drunk. Jackson knows his mom is lashing out because she’s terrified of losing her love. Still, Catherine wants Richard moved to a different hospital ASAP. Meredith steps in. She trusts Bailey’s instincts that something bad is still lurking inside of Richard’s body. She gives the go ahead to operate. It was the right call. Bailey finds the problem behind Richard’s pancreas. She was right. When you know, you know. Richard must have known, too. That’s why he chose Meredith. Richard wakes up from his unconscious knowing that he made the right choice.

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