S10 E04 Puttin' on the Ritz

10/10/13 | TV-14 | CC

It’s party time! The 200th episode of Grey’s Anatomy certainly calls for a celebration. That’s exactly why the good doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital are turning in their surgical scrubs for tuxedos and evening gowns. Their grand fundraising party has a circus theme complete with fire-eaters and acrobats. With so many docs at the gala, Shane and Stephanie are left running the ER. He’s jazzed because this is their chance to be rock stars. She’s ticked because Jackson didn’t invite her to the party. There’s no time to sulk though because there are plenty of traumas rolling in.

Three older men come into the hospital high as a kite after a bad car accident. One of the patients gives Alex pause before he heads off to the party. His mind is obviously elsewhere which is why he leaves the bash. As for Meredith and Derek, they have lots of latent surgical energy they are itching to let out. Their competition over the little things at home spills over to the gala. Whoever raises the most money at the party gets 10 percent of the night’s take for their department. Let the fundraising games begin!

Callie is upset when she sees Arizona at the party. The two of them exchange anguished stares. Arizona then leaves the affair while Callie proceeds to tell the guests that her wife died in that plane crash. April heads back to the hospital as a favor for Jackson. She catches Arizona crying in the supply room. The two of them end up wallowing in sorrow over lots of champagne.

Cristina thinks the gala is the perfect place for Owen to work on his flirting skills. He gets thrown into the fire right away when a pretty lady named Emma sidles up to him. She’s obviously into him from the get-go. Cristina is also flirting up a storm in the hopes of getting a healthy donation. She takes a break from her work to disrupt Owen’s chat with Emma, who happens to be a doc from another hospital. She came there to poach some donors, but her priorities shifted once she met Owen.

Jackson is making a speech thanking all the prospective donors when one of the dangling acrobats falls to the stage from high above. She lands on top of another performer. The fundraising docs spring into action. Cristina must leave the party when she hears that Shane and Stephanie may be in over their heads back at the hospital. It’s all hands on deck back there. That’s great news for Meredith, as she finally gets to scrub in on a surgery. Cristina is also operating with Shane, who she now considers a surgical shark. That’s a good thing. A concerned Alex watches from above as they work to save the patient he saw earlier.

Jackson is shocked when Jo reveals that Stephanie wanted to go to the party. She even bought a dress. It wouldn’t have mattered. Parties tend to break up when acrobats plunge 30 feet to break their tibias. Jackson tries to salvage the night by bringing some of the prospective donors into the observation room to see why their money is so desperately needed. He later finds Stephanie in a lip-lock with Shane, who planted a kiss on her in the heat of a moment. Stephanie explains that she didn’t want him to kiss her. She does, however, want Jackson to do so.

Bailey treats a cancer patient, Gene, who has run out options and time. The guy is a persnickety old fellow with a penchant for making sexist and racist comments. But he’s a fighter. That’s something Bailey can’t say about her other patient. Richard won’t take any action to get better. He literally pushes Bailey away when she tries to give him a device to strengthen his lungs. Richard is simply not listening to reason. That’s probably why Bailey wheels Gene into his room so he can listen to his caustic comments instead. It’s a strategy that works. Richard realizes he has the power to get better. He finally starts taking advantage of this.

The reason Alex is so interested in the patient from earlier is because he thinks the guy may be his father. He hasn’t seen the guy in 20 years. Jo helps him with a blood test that leads to his feelings being verified. This ticks off Alex to no end. In other news, Cristina lets the guy she was flirting with know that it was all about getting a big donation. She wants to celebrate with Owen, but makes a hasty exit when Emma shows up. Finally, the formal attire of the evening have Meredith and Derek reminiscing about the night of the prom back in the days when her panties were posted on the bulletin board. Good times. Happy 200th, Grey’s!

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