S10 E05 I Bet It Stung

10/17/13 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith and Derek are exhausted as they try to balance work and family life. Thankfully, they have Callie around to help out. Meredith wants to take the liver part of a heart-liver surgery Cristina is doing. Bailey is ticked because she wants in on the surgery. She accuses Mer of being a liver thief. No formal charges have been filed though. Anyway, Meredith needs to get up to speed on the latest procedures, but also needs to keep her promise of a tea party later with Zola. Things get a little crazy when her daughter bangs her head in daycare. Meredith has to deal with the situation, as Derek is busy doing his doctor thing in front of an audience.

Stephanie buys a snazzy new shirt in the hopes of impressing Jackson’s mom. Unfortunately, her new top is halfway off as she straddles Jackson in an on-call room just as Catherine walks in. So much for making a good first impression. On the work front, Stephanie treats a man who has been stung by hornets on his penis. It happens. Stephanie is at a loss on how to treat him. She needs a consultation from Catherine, who determines the man stuck his penis into a hornet’s nest on purpose. Again, it happens.

Richard is recovering nicely according to Bailey. Catherine, however, has concerns. She feels he should have progressed more my now. She fears Richard may be depressed. Catherine wants him to come home with her because she won’t coddle him like the doctors do at the hospital. Richard has other ideas. He orders Leah to buck up and treat him aggressively. He also lets Catherine know that even if he stays in the hospital, she still has him. As for Stephanie, her patient’s wife lets her know that her husband likes pain sometimes. It’s just one thing. It doesn’t define him completely. Stephanie uses this logic on Catherine and it works.

Alex’s dad, Jimmy Evans, is recovering from his heart issues. Jo is his doctor. She finds the guy to be funny. Nevertheless, she can’t get Alex to talk to the guy. Jo desperately tries to get Jimmy to seek help for his drug addiction. Alex continues to avoid his dad at all costs. As for Jimmy, he’s not going into rehab. He doesn’t want to let Jo down like he let down his family in the past. Jo lets Alex know that his dad is full of regret. She fears he’s going to use again and then he’ll die. Alex has a chance to say something to his dad when they are alone together in an elevator, but he doesn’t take advantage of it.

Donna is the younger sister of a woman who got severely injured doing another one of her daredevil stunts. Owen and Callie determine that the patient needs a new kidney. Donna knows that she’s the one who will have to be the donor. She says the only reason her parents had her was to save her older sister, who was stricken with a serious disease when she was young. She was a donor baby. Callie lets Donna know it’s okay to say no. It’s okay to live her life without being someone else’s spare parts. They have a big “no” shout-fest smack-dab in the middle of the hospital.

Arizona fears she may have done something she now regrets with Leah after getting hammered the night of the gala. The intern is being a little too nice to her. It’s totally freaking her out. She’s also caught off guard when Callie says she’s kicking her out of the apartment. Leah offers to let her stay at her place because they bonded when they hung out eating grilled cheese sandwiches after the gala. As for Callie, she feels good being back in her own apartment. In fact, she feels good enough to dance around in her underwear just like she used to do.

Cristina’s heart-liver patient takes a turn for the worse. Meredith is MIA so Bailey steps in to do help stabilize her. She also takes over the liver part of the surgery. Cristina makes this call. She lets Meredith know that she has different priorities now. Cristina also believes Meredith slowed down during their race to become a great surgeon while Cristina didn’t. They are in different places now. Later, Meredith goes off on Derek because she missed her surgery, Zola got hurt and he didn’t answer her phone. The two of them argue. It’s not easy balancing work and family life. More often than not, something has to give.

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