S10 E08 Two Against One

11/07/13 | TV-14 | CC

Meredith gives a presentation on 3D printing to customize patient treatment. The printer is a cool new toy that prints a 3D image of a fork. Derek is more interested in the technician who has a twitch in his eye. He fixes it and lets Jackson know that he needs to give interns like Leah a chance to learn. After all, Derek is the one who convinced Mark Sloan to do the same with him. Before his interjection, all Mark did was call him names like idiot… ass-hat… well, you get the idea.

Alex and Meredith treat Will, a patient with a bunch of tricky tumors in his liver. They disagree on the order of how to do things during the patient’s surgery. Mer is the lead though, so she makes the call. She’s being very aggressive. Alex is stanchly against Meredith’s plan. Stephanie brings up the “challenge” rule Richard mentioned to her. If it’s two surgeons against one, the lone surgeon must back down. Stephanie backs Alex. An angry Meredith orders them to close the patient. Alex breaks the bad news that not all the tumors were removed. He tells Meredith that it was still the right call.

Cristina treats a baby, Nathan, who is rejecting the fixes of a recent heart procedure. Shane thinks that 3D imaging can nail down a procedure to help this child. He gets FDA approval to move forward. Cristina puts the kibosh on the procedure because it would require using Meredith’s printer. Then she changes her mind when there are no other options. This leads to a heated conversation between the two semi-feuding friends. Alex realizes that Meredith’s decisions are being driven by a desire to prove she’s a great surgeon.

Bailey thinks there’s a smell in Tuck’s room. She believes her son hid something that’s now rotting away. She vows to find the route of the stink. Bailey’s obsessive behavior spills over to the workplace. She’s upset when her OR is switched and is in overdrive when it comes to cleanliness. Ben notices her spacing out during a surgery. He talks her through fixing a routine complication. The surgery ends well, but Bailey wants to be even more thorough before closing. She swears there’s another complication. Ben isn’t so sure, but he backs his wife.

In random news, April and Matthew pass a compatibility test from the church with flying colors. There’s still one issue that remains outstanding between them: sex. The plan was to wait until their wedding night. But, hey, plans change. Speaking of making plans, Owen hopes Emma will get an open position at the hospital. She interviews with Callie, who finds out she went through a divorce. This tidbit leads to an intimate discussion about relationships and life. It has Emma realizing she can’t work there because if something happened between her and Owen, they would all rally behind him. She can’t risk that happening.

Richard tells the interns many stories of his surgical past. A feisty lady named CJ has heard them all repeatedly because she’s in the recovery room next to his. She tries to get Richard to join her for walks down the hall, but her neighbor refuses to get out of bed. All that changes when CJ collapses outside his room. Richard springs into action to help. He later lets April know that he’s through reminiscing. He wants to get back in the game. He wants to get back to being himself. This epiphany has April wanting to wait to have sex with Matthew. Hugs and kisses are still cool though.

At the end of a long shift, Arizona finally takes off her wedding ring before joining Leah in the shower. At the hospital, an angry Meredith catches Cristina and Shane using her new printer. They are so busted. At home, Ben has a discussion with his wife about what’s been going on with her. As it turns out, there actually was some food hidden away in Tuck’s room. Bailey says everything is fine. Ben doesn’t see it that way. After he leaves the room, a panicked Bailey tugs at her fingers relentlessly. Clearly, everything is not fine.

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