S10 E09 Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

11/14/13 | TV-14 | CC

Callie freaks out on a sales clerk over pantyhose. She apologizes by buying a whole lot of hosiery. She’s under a lot of pressure, as she has a big day coming up. To understand what that’s all about, we jump back one month to when she was served papers in a lawsuit. Four months before that, Cristina recommended pro snowboarder Travis Reed to Callie. The athlete was in the market for a new hip. Callie got this news at Meredith’s baby shower. It was when she and Arizona were still together and making plans to have another child.

Travis Reed is a charming personality who needs a new hip to compete in the Olympics. He wants something called the Petersen Hip. This isn’t something Callie has ever used before. Still, Travis has faith that she can fix him up. There was a complication during the surgery. Callie refuses to admit negligence. She won’t settle. The case is headed to court. She needs to get some new clothes, hence the pantyhose. Arizona notices her trying on her new undergarment when she stops by to pick up Sofia. She also notices her wearing her wedding ring. Callie explains that the lawyers told her to do so for the jury.

Callie’s pals agree to take support shifts as she heads into trial. Owen is first up to take a seat behind her in the courtroom. Callie worries about a run in her pantyhose until she sees Travis Reed come into the room in his wheelchair. His lawyer argues that Callie made a careless mistake during surgery. Jumping back, Travis started to crash during the operation. Jo testifies that Callie knowingly left a sponge inside the patient. This may have led to an infection a few weeks later as well as a heart murmur. Callie rushed her patient into surgery which left him with no hip.

Jo testifies that the sponge was removed two days after the initial surgery with no signs that it caused the infection. Still, the damage is done with the jury. Arizona catches Callie crying in the bathroom during a break. She gives her a picture Sofia drew to help calm her when she feels like she’s falling apart. It’s a nice gesture and it does the trick. Arizona promises to bring Sofia by after work. She also suggests that she not wear the replacement rhinestone butterfly pantyhose she brought with her in court. Good call.

Jumping back to the past, we see the night Callie and Arizona tried to pick out a prospective baby daddy for their next child. In the present, Callie takes off her wedding ring when she’s not in court. She’s stunned when her father, Carlos (guest star Last Man Standing’s Hector Elizondo), shows up to support his little girl. Callie breaks the news that she and Arizona split up. She thinks she’s pathetic. Carlos assures her that’s not the case. Jumping back in time, we see happier days when Arizona let Callie know that they were having a baby.

In the present, Callie tells her colleagues that she has no intention of settling her lawsuit, but she thinks the hospital should. That’s exactly what the legal team recommends, but Meredith is against it. Cristina pushes to settle because she believes the patient has a good case. She had replaced a valve in his heart at one time. She also had to work on Travis after the infection spread as Callie tried to save the patient’s leg. That didn’t happen. Both legs had to be amputated. Callie’s lawyer lets her know that she could lose the case as well as her medical license. Damning testimony from Travis’s girlfriend adds to that possibility.

Travis takes the stand. He talks about the Petersen Joint he recommended. He trusted Callie to embark on the procedure after she’d done so much research. He’d been snowboarding since he was five. Without his legs, his world is gone. Travis says under oath that it’s all Callie’s fault. He says she admitted so to him. She said this never should have happened. With that testimony, the prosecution rests.

Carlos gives Arizona a serious death-stare when she comes by to pick up Sofia. Callie begs him to settle down, as she has a big day in court ahead. She lets him know that it was her choice to kick out Arizona. When it comes time to testify, Callie tells her side of the story. The day when she went in to remove the sponge was the day that Arizona revealed she lost the baby. It was a highly-emotional time. Still, Callie testifies that she put her patient’s priorities ahead of her own. She even told Travis that she tried so hard to fix what happened to him. That’s when she apologized to him. That’s just who she is. That’s not something she’ll ever change.

As the jury deliberates, Callie finds a letter she got in the mail. It’s from a clinical trial on the Petersen hip. They are writing to inform her that they are suspending their trial due to infection associated with the Peterson joint. The postmark on the envelope was three weeks before Travis’s surgery. The letter fell behind a bookcase. Meredith assures Callie that she still wasn’t negligent. She was still working off the information she had. She did nothing wrong. Callie disagrees. The phone rings. The jury is back. They’ve reached a verdict.

Callie takes a look at the picture Sofia drew before heading into the courtroom. All of her colleagues, all of her friends, are seated directly behind her. They got her back. The jury foreman hands over the verdict. Not guilty! Callie’s friends celebrate, but she’s still feeling bad. Back home, Carlos tries to convince his daughter that we all deserve forgiveness. After all, her mother forgave him for straying. If she hadn’t, they wouldn’t have had her. This has Callie reconsidering things with Arizona. She asks her to come home. She has no idea Leah is in her room when she does this. After Callie departs, Arizona instructs Leah to get dressed and leave.

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