S10 E10 Somebody That I Used To Know

11/21/13 | TV-14 | CC

Ben notices that Bailey is showing signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder. He mentions his concern to Derek in what he thinks is a casual conversation. It’s not. Derek is a member of the board, so this is actually official. He needs to report it. Bailey is furious with Ben while still in denial of her issue. She’s forced to step away from a surgery when Owen proves that she has OCD tendencies. A furious Bailey slams down a chair at home. Then she picks it up. She can’t help herself.

Arizona is back in her old place with Callie. She’s sleeping on the sofa, but at least she’s back. She lets Callie know that she was with someone while they were apart. It’s over, but they were together often. Callie and Arizona are called on to work together on a young girl who was hit by a car while riding a scooter. The babysitter is freaking out. So is Leah, as she’s been ordered to assist on the case. She runs into a problem during the procedure. She turns to Arizona for help. It’s at this moment when Callie realizes that Leah is the person Arizona was talking about earlier. Not good. Callie and Arizona eventually talk it all out.

Emma brings muffins to the hospital as she cranks out a grant proposal. Cristina catches her getting chummy with Owen. Alex suggests that she needs to have sex with someone as they treat a newborn baby who’s been in the hospital for three weeks. Shane overhears their little chat. He lets Cristina know that they need to do another 3D image print to save the newborn. The only problem is that Meredith has the printer locked down for the day. Shane says he’ll get Stephanie to break the news to her. He also offers to help Cristina get her ya-ya’s out.

Meredith is furious with Cristina when she thinks she’s playing on her emotions as a mom to use the 3D printer for the dying infant. She won’t shut down her study for one patient. This forces Cristina to do a procedure that will keep the baby going for one more day. Alex wants her put in an artificial graft like Meredith suggested. That’s not going to happen. Meredith goes off on Cristina until Shane interjects. He yells that she’s the one who made this personal. He forcefully tells Meredith that she’ll get the printer when they are done. This outburst has Cristina giving Shane a kiss when they are alone.

April needs Stephanie’s address so she can invite her to the wedding. There will be a place where she can check off if she wants to bring a guest. See, April doesn’t want to see Jackson’s name at the top of their invitation list. She does want him to be there though. Jackson, on the other hand, doesn’t think he can do that. He assures Stephanie that things are definitely over between him and April.

Meredith realizes Emma is a great cook so she ropes her into making Thanksgiving dinner at her place. She invites an ornery Richard, who will be there if there aren’t any mushrooms in the stuffing. Owen lets Meredith know that Cristina likely doesn’t have holiday plans. Of course, he can’t bring up the big dinner when he’s alone with his ex. As for Richard, he pushes himself too hard to get back in the game and has an accident on the treadmill. He breaks a few ribs.

Stephanie is dealing with Meredith’s wrath after she helped Alex overrule her during a surgery. She’s treating a cancer patient, Donna, who has run out of options. Stephanie overhears the woman trying to make arrangements to find someone for Stan once she’s gone. This is unusual on several levels, as her husband’s name is Victor. Stephanie learns that Donna and Victor fell out of love, but they still love each other as best friends. Stan is the man who Donna is with now in a romantic way.

With Richard stuck in the hospital, the interns decide to celebrate Thanksgiving there with him. Turkey doesn’t seem feasible on such short notice. Fried chicken will have to do. As for Meredith’s big Thanksgiving dinner, Owen says she can invite Cristina. Emma doesn’t have a problem with it. Mer does though. It seems as though she and Cristina have nothing to say to each other at the moment.


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