S10 E11 Man on the Moon

12/05/13 | TV-14 | CC

Cristina is impressed that Shane really knows what he’s doing in the bedroom. Yes, the two of them are officially sleeping together. They are also taking part in a groundbreaking surgery on an infant’s heart. The parents of the child are upset to learn that cameras will be live streaming the procedure until Cristina calms them down. Shane was behind the video shoot. Many are watching when things start to go south. Cristina orders Shane to stop the cameras.

Meredith and Stephanie are operating on a sheep. They are putting a 3D-printed portal vein into the animal. It’s getting a lot less buzz than Cristina’s surgery, but it’s still something that will change the face of medicine. At least, that’s what Stephanie keeps saying. She coaxes Meredith into touting their success into the video camera recording their every move. Unfortunately, the sheep later crashes and dies. Meredith assures Stephanie that they’ll learn from this failure to succeed in the future.

Cristina lets the baby’s parents know that there were complications during the surgery. There’s still a chance what they did will be a success, but no one is very confident. Meredith visits with Cristina. She mentions how Shane is different now. He’s aggressive and mean. Cristina believes Mer is insinuating that he’s getting this from her. This leads to another verbal brouhaha between the two feuding friends. The fight gets put on hold when Cristina learns that the baby’s surgery is a success. She and Shane do a little happy dance in the hall.

April’s sisters are in town for her wedding shower. They refer to her by her nickname of “Ducky.” April says, “Don’t ask.” She makes a hasty exit with her siblings leaving Matthew and Jackson behind to languish in awkwardness. The two men put their uneasiness aside when a man’s tie gets caught in a cab’s door as it speeds away. The guy is hurt bad. Matthew quickly cuts an airway path into his neck to get him breathing again. Jackson is not happy that he did this. He berates Matthew in front of April’s sisters.

As they work to save the patient, April lets Jackson know that she’s called “Ducky” because she used be an ugly duckling. She worries her sisters will now think she’s marrying a nitwit. Jackson assures her that’s not the case. As it turns out, Matthew did the right thing out in the field. It’s a lie. Jackson and Matthew get into an argument, but quickly work things out. They are good now. Matthew says it would mean a lot to April if he could come to the wedding.

April’s shower gets a late start, but the gifts start flowing. The one from her sisters indicates that they still believe she’s a virgin. April sets them straight. She orders them to stop calling her “Ducky.” She’s now a swan, a super surgeon and, oh yeah, she’s an ex-virgin. She fires her sisters as bridesmaids and hires her colleagues. In other news, Callie and Arizona finally stop fighting long enough to give each other a passionate kiss.

Bailey has a doctor trailing her to help her get over her OCD. She has to get this woman to clear her for surgery. The deal is she has to do five sutures in a row without stopping to straighten anything out. Bailey refuses to take any medication. She wants to do this on her own, but it’s difficult. Bailey is about to straighten out a tray of surgical instruments that was intentionally made messy when Richard pops in to do it for her. He tries to get her to take a break, but Bailey refuses to quit. Richard convinces her to take the meds, as it’ll help.

Derek and Callie work with a paralyzed woman, Becca, with sensors in her body that will hopefully allow her to move fingers. The patient is very pessimistic. She’s always snapping at her husband, who does everything for her. Becca agreed to this procedure because she wanted to finally do something for him. Now she just wants to bail. Derek convinces her to try again while looking at her husband. This is just the motivation she needs to get the sensors working.

Alex’s father, Jimmy, returns to the hospital in bad shape. Jo thinks he’s high. Actually, it’s just the opposite. He says he’s trying to get clean as he collapses to the floor. Owen has Jimmy admitted to the hospital. Alex is not happy, but Jo vows to help him. Jimmy’s detox causes him to have hallucinations. He yells about things that happened years ago when Alex was a kid. The hallucinations cause him to get physical with Jo. Alex breaks it up and orders his dad to sleep it off. Sadly, he’s been through all this before.

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