S10 E12 Get Up, Stand Up

12/12/13 | TV-14 | CC

Cristina tries to downplay the success of her recent groundbreaking procedure before a room full of VIPs, but Shane isn’t shy about saying she hit a home run. This ticks off Cristina, who thinks he may burn himself out. She orders him to go home. Things are still uneasy with Meredith, too. Cristina continues to shine in the spotlight for her work with her person’s printer.

A frantic April is busy hunting down bridesmaids as she roams the hospital halls in curlers. She gets some relief when Jackson promises he’ll be at the wedding. She freaks again when Matthew gets a glimpse of her pre-ceremony. Her future groom manages to calm her down. While being fitted with bridesmaid dresses, Cristina admits to Meredith that’s she’s not sure how her procedure worked on the infant. Their conversation goes south fast as more hurtful words are hurled. Things get even more awkward when Shane informs Cristina that she’s being considered for the Harper-Avery Award. More venomous words are exchanged.

Alex asks Jimmy how he could possibly forget a wife and three kids. That’s not really the case. Jimmy remembers his son used to laugh in his sleep. He also says it was a strain taking care of his mother. This ticks off Alex because he had to take care of everything when Jimmy left. Things almost get very physical.

A young boy, Cody, is in bad shape after having gotten run over by a tractor. There’s a chance his father may have paralyzed him by bringing him to the hospital himself. Arizona takes issue at how Callie and Alex seem to be blaming the dad for his boy’s fate. Alex later assures the dad that it’s not his fault. He was just trying to do what was best for his kid. This has Alex realize that his own father did his best. The truth is that he became the man he is today because Jimmy left. He wishes him luck with his family in Florida before bidding him goodbye. He’s not there when Jimmy starts to crash.

Derek is asked to talk to folks who are behind the presidential initiative on brain mapping. He’s offered a sizeable amount of money to be a consultant. Derek claims to be overextended, but he’s truly disturbed by the method this group is proposing. This has the group rethinking their entire approach. Owen tells Derek he needs be part of this initiative, but his colleague can’t be swayed.

Bailey is getting back into the surgical game with a young man, Elliott, who has had 312 surgeries. His bronchial tumor cells must be lasered out every seven to ten days. Bailey wants to custom design a drug that can stop the growth. This ticks off Leah, who desperately wants to do surgeries. She gets her wish. Bailey assigns her what will hopefully be Elliott’s final procedure. She encourages Leah to speak up for what she deserves, but she probably won’t do so with Arizona. Instead, she can cover for her wedding-attending coworkers after Shane shows her how to manipulate her work hours total in the system. He does it all the time.

Jackson and Stephanie treat Dalton, a man who keeps getting food trapped in his esophagus. It leaves the guy with some pretty rank breath. Surgery will help, but there’s a small risk he may not talk again. This has Dalton playfully spouting all those truths he’s been keeping mum about. His last words before his surgery are only heard by his wife. Judging by the look on her face, they were very sweet ones. This has Jackson recalling some advice Mark Sloan once told him. He said, if you love someone, you should tell them even if you’re scared it’ll burn your life to the ground.

Dalton comes through the surgery fine, but has a serious post-op complication. Derek determines he had a massive stroke. Dalton is awake, but he can’t speak or respond to stimulus. There’s no way to know if he can even hear what’s going on around him. That doesn’t stop his wife from lovingly singing “It Had to be You” to him. The scene has Stephanie almost telling Jackson she loves him, but she can’t quite get the words out.

The day of the big wedding arrives. Bailey and Ben have a little pre-ceremony fight about how he quit his job. Alex gives Jo a passionate kiss as he maps out their future. Arizona breaks down in front of the bride giving the reason for her affair. She feels like Callie is trying to fix her and she’s okay with how she is right now. Cristina arrives in bridesmaid-ville where she and Meredith hash out some of their issues, but April puts the kibosh on all the healing. This is her day. Her bridesmaids are supposed to be there for her!

Shane takes control the situation with Alex’s dad. He wants to open him up. Leah believes they should wait for an attending. Things go south fast during surgery. Shane tries to save the patient. He’s a man possessed. Leah bolts out of the OR to get help. She finds Richard. By the time he arrives, Shane is lost in a haze. He flashes back to what happened with Heather. He says, “I did this.” Richard calms him down and tells him to get some rest. Then he goes to work to save the patient.

April’s bridesmaids make their way down the aisle to the disapproving glares of her dissed sisters. Then it comes time for April to make her entrance. She smiles at Matthew as well as all her friends. The ceremony is in full swing when Derek gets a phone call. On the other end of the line is the President of the United States. There’s another interruption. Jackson steps into the center aisle to tell April he loves her. As Mark Sloan used to advise… “Say it loud and go from there.” Jackson wants to know if April loves him, too. We have to wait a bit for the answer to that one.

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