S10 E13 Take It Back

02/27/14 | TV-14 | CC

When we last left April and Jackson, she was getting married and he was in the middle of an “I simply can’t forever hold my peace” moment. It’s not often that a bride has someone other than the groom declare his love for her on her wedding day. Nevertheless, Jackson did just that. It was enough to get April to run away with him. It also leads to a panic attack once they get a few miles down the road. What to do? What to do?

Now for a series of random updates. Meredith is ticked because the President of the United States is forcing Derek to break a promise to her. Alex’s dad, Jimmy, is in bad shape after Shane’s breakdown in the OR. Stephanie is still reeling from the fact that her boyfriend ran off with the bride at a wedding she was attending. Shane is crashed out on a bench outside the hospital. Arizona has a meltdown and lets Callie know that they aren’t working anymore. Bailey is shocked to learn that Ben really didn’t want to quit surgery.

Three weeks pass. Arizona and Callie have reconciled, as they are buying a house together. Stephanie comes out of hiding, but she’s not ready to talk to Jackson. That’s cool. Leah will. She calls him out about what he did and how it didn’t work out for anyone. Everyone is alone now. Meredith and Cristina work together on a surgery for the first time since everything fell apart. At least these two are back together as BFFs.

The board allows Shane to come back to work against Owen’s wishes. Ben is there, too. He’s now the old dog amongst the young surgical residents. As for Shane, he must endure Owen’s harsh teaching techniques. It’s partially because of the actions he did in surgery, but it likely stems from the knowledge that Shane was sleeping with Cristina. At least, that’s what Richard believes. Their conversation is put on hold when a human resources rep summons Owen away.

Derek meets with two White House officials. The subject of someone named Michael comes up. Derek has been sending his mother money since he was 16. The reason for this is unclear until Derek tells Meredith the story. Michael is a kid Derek cross-checked into the boards while playing hockey when he was younger. It caused the boy to have a brain bleed that incapacitated him for life. That’s why Derek sends his family money every month.

Catman is in the house! A patient with some frightfully freaky feline features is brought into the hospital after causing a serious auto accident involving those who were startled by his appearance. Catman is a nice guy who causes another ruckus when he startles an injured little girl in her room. He feels guilty about how he just wanted to start living again. His words hit home with Stephanie, who asks Jackson to fix the Catman pro bono.

Jo is confused when Alex introduces her as his fiancée. She wonders if she accidentally got engaged. It happens. As for Alex, he lies to Jimmy’s wife, Naomi, by saying he’s dead. It was the only way he could get her to come to the hospital. The truth is that Jimmy is dying, but Naomi wants nothing to do with him. Alex is all he has left. He doesn’t know how to grieve. It’s this conundrum that causes Alex to repeatedly punch Shane in the face. Once he’s pulled away, Meredith hugs her distraught friend.

Cristina lets Shane know that he’s made some bad choices, but one of the good ones in his past includes how he saved a baby’s life. As for Alex, he lies to Jimmy as he struggles to stay alive. He tells him his family’s plane is delayed, but they know he loves him. He can stop fighting now. He can go in peace. Moments later, Alex watches helplessly as his father takes his final breath.

Owen calls everyone together for an emergency board meeting. A surgical resident has filed three separate official complaints with human resources for sexual harassment, quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment. All names are being withheld for the moment. Owen lets everyone know that they all let their personal lives disrupt their work. He hands out a zero-tolerance policy that’s been recommended by HR. This means Jackson and April may have disclose the fact that they secretly agreed to get married shortly after their great wedding escape.

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