S10 E14 You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

03/06/14 | TV-14 | CC

Owen announces to the entire hospital staff that the board has passed a “non-fraternization” policy. All relationships with coworkers are discouraged. All relationships between superiors and subordinates are strictly prohibited. The surgical residents pepper Richard with questions about the non-fraternization policy. Well, Jo does. She’s ticked because her relationship with Alex just became illegal. She ends up having a big blowout breakup with her boyfriend for everyone to see. It was all a ruse though. Jo and Alex are fine.

Owen and Emma make plans to get a place together. Derek has another interview with the White House. These two news items lead to a night of wine drinking between Meredith and Cristina. The evening is interrupted when Derek’s interview is canceled. The fear is that his Washington dream is over. As for a tipsy Cristina, she brings a bottle of wine over to Owen. This leads to, well, some fraternization. The next day, Emma lays out her plans for having a family. Owen agrees they should talk about this.

Lisa is a 32-year-old college professor who was found in an apartment trash chute. The compactor tore up her leg pretty good. She was there for two days. She asks April to call her boyfriend, but she should hang up if his wife answers. Rory is completely hung up on this guy, but he’s just using her. They keep their relationship a secret much like the recently-married Jackson and April as well as the never-broken-up Alex and Jo. The secret is out, however, when Richard catches these couples sneaking around together. He can only shake his head.

Rory is a young girl who has bone cancer. She had a brain tumor six years ago. Now she has a giant mass inside her chest, too. The residents are tasked with analyzing the case. Ben is persona non grata with the others since the non-fraternization policy doesn’t apply to married people. Speaking of his wife, Bailey realizes Rory has a genetic condition that doesn’t allow her to fight off cancer. Richard orders the interns to dig for a solution. As for Rory, she encourages her sister to “not” take a test to determine if she has the genetic condition afflicting her. Knowledge isn’t always a good thing.

In random relationship news, Callie gives Arizona a beautiful new ring. Meredith realizes Cristina slept with Owen. Jo lets Stephanie know that Jackson and April are still together, so her complaint didn’t do anything. In truth, it was Leah who did the complaining. Ben is surprised to learn that Shane slept with Cristina as he finally bonds with the others. The residents focus on Rory, who is rushed into surgery. Unfortunately, their solution for her affliction comes a little too late. Rory dies on the operating table. The heartbreaking news continues when tests reveal her sister also has her condition. But perhaps what the residents learned can help her.

Alex is called before his superiors regarding his relationship with Jo. He completely loses it. Alex screams, “I’m not gonna let a bunch of hypocrites tell me to keep my pants on at work when this place was built on all of you feeling each other up in our on-call room!” He’s no Knute Rockne, but his speech was pretty awesome. It inspires Jackson to tell everyone that he and April are married. Owen also makes a declaration to Emma that they are over. Finally, Meredith opts to stop withholding sex from Derek when she learns he’s been asked to run the Presidential Advisory Board. They can fight about it later when they’re done.

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