S10 E15 Throwing It All Away

03/13/14 | TV-14 | CC

A young boy, Jared, has issues with his liver. To avoid putting him on the transplant list, his docs are looking for a way to detour bile away from his vital organs. Alex is pulled off the case. He’s on suspension for breaking the non-fraternization rule. Jo is taken out of pediatrics, too. This makes things harder for Arizona, who receives notice that Leah is the one who filed the harassment complaint. She’s ordered to meet with Human Resources.

Jo and Stephanie find an abandoned baby in a box by the dumpster. Arizona notices the infant has had some surgeries in the past. This is just before she’s upended by a gurney being pushed by Stephanie. She crashes to the floor. Her leg is officially broken. No prob. She has another one in the car. Arizona lets Callie know about the HR complaint. This leads to some awkwardness.

Alyssa is a young girl who is frustrated after having so many surgeries that haven’t improved her condition. Now she’s back for one more. She wants to have both of her legs cut off instead. Her father says no way. Callie assures the patient that what they are doing is going to work one of these days. Arizona isn’t so sure about that. She lets Alyssa’s dad know that his daughter’s pain will never go away. Arizona’s conversation with Callie about this is interrupted by the dreaded HR meeting. Judgment day has arrived.

Arizona is shocked to learn that Leah’s complaint was actually lodged against Callie, who reluctantly agrees that amputating both of Alyssa’s legs is the best thing to do. The hits keep on coming when Arizona gives her the news about HR and Derek reveals that his new government job is forcing him to abandon their project. At home, Arizona lets Callie know that she doesn’t need much to be happy, but she does need her. A breakthrough occurs. Callie fits Arizona’s feet with her favorite sneaks assuring her that she shouldn’t have to give up anything.

Cristina pushes an initially apathetic Shane to help her solve the puzzle of the abandoned baby’s health issues. The infant needs multiple heart surgeries. Shane believes he was abandoned because someone thought he was more trouble than he’s worth. He ends up saving the baby. Cristina has the child services rep put Shane’s name down as the doctor of record on the baby’s chart. This kid will have questions 10 or 20 years from now. Cristina has faith that Shane will still be a doctor at that time. He’ll be able to answer all those questions.

Alex realizes they can use Jared’s appendix to help with his health issue as opposed to cutting a big hole in his stomach. Too bad he can’t scrub in. Meredith takes his place. She has his back in more ways than one. She gives Alex a “love contract” that’s been approved by the board. If he and Jo sign it, they are clear from any future claims of favoritism or harassment. No word on whether or not extra love contracts will be left in the on-call room.

Word of Stephanie bowling over Arizona with a gurney spreads fast. The dangerous driving doc strikes again when she rams into Jackson. This should have been expected. After all, Stephanie had warned him to stay out of her way. These two ultimately talk it out while filling out their respective accident reports. Stephanie lets Jackson know that she doesn’t care about him anymore. At all. Harsh.

Jo is put on an organ donor case. A friend of the brain dead guy donated his kidney to him years ago. Now he wants it back. He argues with April about this throughout the day. Then the brain dead patient becomes fully dead when his heart stops. All of the organs are no longer viable. The man’s friend breaks down. This was never about the kidney. It was about saying goodbye. His friend since seventh grade is now truly gone.

Cristina calls Owen an idiot for breaking up with Emma. Could it be because of what happened between them? Both say no. Owen believes that Cristina wanted things to work out with Emma because she feels guilty. Or perhaps it’s because she wants to see him married off so she’ll stop thinking about him. Both playfully agree that’s a good one.

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